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Capcom Beat Em up Compilation
Capcom is releasing a compilation of classic beat em up games next week on September 18. 7 games packed into a $20 price which is a great price! Online play is a option too.

Games are:

Captain Commando
King of Dragons
Knights of the Round/Realm
Warriors of Fate
Battle Circuit
Armored Warriors
Final Fight
King of Dragons and Knights of the Round are amazing. Good compilation.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Yep, IIRC those games were the predecessors to the 2 Dungeons and Dragons beat em up games that were made not too long after. Which also paved the way for Dragon's Crown.
Yeah, love those games too! Luckily, I always have a co-op partner with my brother, but online co-op will make this incredible!
[Image: Lancerow.png]
I'm hoping at some point that the Dungeons and Dragon beat em ups also get ported to current systems although I think its still available on Steam. Otherwise its still on PS3 PSN (Xbox 360 online is dead).

Alien vs Predator Beat em up port would also be nice since that was also by Capcom although that seems pretty unlikely given its from 2 licensed franchises...
My top five Capcom arcade beat 'em ups are The King of Dragons, Knights of the Round, AvP, D&D: Tower of Doom, and D&D: Shadow over Mystara, not necessarily in that order.

Although, I already have them for MAME, I got Chronicles of Mystara for PS3, primarily, for couch co-op and will be getting this Beat 'Em Up Bundle for very much the same reason. Really disappointed that AvP is not included but, like yazi said, it's most likely due to licensing.

AvP was the arcade game that I spent the most on. Beat 'em ups took more of my time than fighting games due to the former's cooperative aspect and too many players for the latter.
Armored Warriors is very underrated, that game surprised me with how god it was.
Still don't know all the robots combinations to this day.

All in all, a great collection, Capcom was really great with beat'em up and i never got bored of the genre even when 3d kicked in, still among my top favorites genre too.

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