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Project Judge
^Indeed. I just want it on my hand faster. Big Grin
Perfectly fair, lol

Its gonna take me a long time to get to this game... haven't gotten back to Yakuza 5 yet... then its 6, Kiwami 1 and then 2, lol
For those who pre ordered it Digitally, the game has now been unlocked.

And the worlds gets sadder and dumber. Recently Niche Gamer did an interview with the head of the RgG/JE/RgG Studio about Judge eyes and other things, as well as told them how much they loved their games and didn't let politics get in the way of their creativity.

Well, after the interview came out some SJWs started demanding that Niche Gamer be blacklisted from the games industry.

They're calling, for a gaming news site, that just so happens to coincidentally like video games, to be black listed, because they like video games....yes. This is one of the most one sided comlaints from that side that people just can't help but laugh, even some of the SJWs themselves.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
My pre-order is physical.
Guess it will show up next week eventually.
Mine is physical too. I'm a bit surprised the digital version is unlocked sooner, but good on people that preordered it digitally.

Although its going to be a LONG time before I ever start this game... still got the 3 previous Yakuza related games to play and beat before I even go near this one, lol.
Why is it that Yagami is a martial artist, but his combo is kinda like... delayed?
It's like Punch, Punch, delay..... punch, punch, punch, kick, kick.

I got interrupted way more than it should be for a martial artist. Also, what's with dodging requiring us to lock-on to enemy? Kinda awkward if I just wanna dodge but I have to press R1+X.

Still haven't got the hang of these two stances as well. Yagami is doing way too much pose at the end of a combo. Sure it's cool, but he tends to get hit during that pose lol.

Aside from that, game's a blast to play.

Yagami also can decorate his office, and I really like how his office is located right next to SEGA center where I can play Puyo Puyo, Fantasy Zone, Virtua Fighter 5, and Fighting Vipers. Big Grin
And they make use of Yakuza: Dead Souls assets for Kamurocho of the Dead.
I kinda miss Hang-On and Outrun, tho.

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