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Project Judge
June 25th has been confirmed as Judgement's release day.
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Yay! It's far enough from SRW, so I'll get it. Big Grin
Ouch... this ain't good... it'll likely affect the western release too and delay it... Sega is likely to replace Pierre Taki with a new VA... same thing happened with Masayoshi Tanimura in the HD version of Yakuza 4 due to his original Yakuza 4 VA also having allegations of using cocaine...
So I read that SEGA basically scrubbed Judge Eyes from existence. Gee, thanks.
On the issue of Tanimura, it was confirmed that the the allegations were false and wrongly accused. Unfortunately because Japan is such shit when it comes to such things and stigmas beong innocent made no difference in that industry, so he decided himself it was best to be replaced as he did not want tarnish the franchise.

As to the NA release I doubt it'll affect anything as Americans don't care about such things and glorify drug usenand violence most of the time. But most importantly because it would cost money and 'murrca cant have that. Sad but true.
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Well, if the English version releases on time, I'll buy it, if it gets delayed, I'll be happy to keep my money for a little while longer.
Game might get delayed in the US and Europe but nothing is stopping it from actually being released thankfully... I can wait a few more months for it.... I'm not gonna play it for awhile anyways since I still gotta finish Yakuza 5, play and beat 6, play Kiwami 1,2 and then Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise before I play this, lol
It's not just Judge Eyes, pretty much everything else he's involved in is getting affected.

The whole situation and and Japan's overacting to drugs is so stupid the way it just destroys even an inocent persons and their co -workers works. Especially while people like Rurouni Kenshin's mangaka who was busted for extreme CP is doing just find and dandy because he snitched on people after he got caught
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I was wondering why they really don't want to be associated with a person who's done drugs. Getting caught doing drugs in Japan = your life is over.

What I can't fathom is that they're willing to spend money recasting Taki. Square Enix, sure, but SEGA's stance seems they wanted to recast and reshoot all the scenes. Why they're willing to take the financial beating for something that's not exactly their fault? Huh.
As said, Anything related to drugs in Japan is viewed as one of the most severe crimes possible, and the stigma of it will never go away even if the person accused is innocent. Their stance on Drugs is even higher then fire arms and sex crimes even if it's something minor in the rest of the world like Opioids or weed. To SEGA it's not an issue of money in this but not wanting to be connected in any way to the scandal as it would hurt them in the long run, same with Tanimura's issue as well with his agency. Tanimura knew it and it's why he asked the RgG team to remove him so as to not hurt the people he worked with.

At least in Tanimura's case since he was wrongly accused, he could sue
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