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Project Judge
Maybe Kazuma Kiryu will have a cameo (in disguise, of course) during a side quest?
^That would be epic. Or maybe you'll meet hobo Shun Akiyama. XD
He most likely will be.

The director/producer recently commented about how Kiryu's story has already ended and is over. But he's still alive so it's not like we'd never see him again. He was most likely reffering to this game.
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Tried the game.

The game's set in Kamurocho, Takuya even went to Pink Street in the demo. XD
I would totally buy this. If Takuya has a TV media home shopping hobby, then it's official that this is a game version of Hero.
I wonder if Masayoshi Tanimura, the playable cop from Yakuza 4 might make a appearance, given there is more of a police focus here.

And old man Date too of course. Can't be a Yakuza RELATED game without him showing up, lol. (Should've added related earlier, thanks Andy)
^And here I was thinking that Takuya Kimura really have the fighting style of Tanimura.

But hey, who said this is a yakuza game? It's not. XD
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The director comments on various things, apperances, etc.

Basically, same universe, town, etc, but this game is still entirely separate and different so don't expect Kiryu, etc to show up or be relevant.
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One can hope for a cameo, though.
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Famitsu scores are out. The game did really damn good. I've been hearing it's gotten high marks from other reviewers as well.

Project Judge (PS4) – 9/10/9/9 [37/40]
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