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SAMURAI SHODOWN (SPIRITS) Don't miss this one guys
This is Gonna Be GOOOOOOD:


Judging they are using the Japanese name, Samurai Spirits, in the English teaser, rather than using Samurai Showdown, I have to suppose it's going to be a reboot.
I think that it will be a reboot too, Oda have been talking about restarting the series, making a Beat'em up AOF game (the original plan) and a Garou sequel (i don't really want this to happen right now) for sometimes now.
Once again I smell Necromancy ... but I approve in this case Big Grin
Rest of the cast:
[Image: Dmuh1t9VAAAy6mO.jpg]
I like that it's using an aesthetic similar to SFIV/V. I hope they put more animations in the stages in the final product.

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