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SAMURAI SHODOWN (SPIRITS) Don't miss this one guys
This is Gonna Be GOOOOOOD:


Judging they are using the Japanese name, Samurai Spirits, in the English teaser, rather than using Samurai Showdown, I have to suppose it's going to be a reboot.
I think that it will be a reboot too, Oda have been talking about restarting the series, making a Beat'em up AOF game (the original plan) and a Garou sequel (i don't really want this to happen right now) for sometimes now.
Once again I smell Necromancy ... but I approve in this case Big Grin
Rest of the cast:
[Image: Dmuh1t9VAAAy6mO.jpg]
I like that it's using an aesthetic similar to SFIV/V. I hope they put more animations in the stages in the final product.

Quote: “SNK and Athlon Games are also proud to announce that players who pre-order or buy the game on PSN, Xbox Live or any physical retailer will be able to download the Season Pass absolutely free through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live up until June 30th. Regional restrictions may apply.

“We’re extremely excited to finally confirm that June 25 th will see the much anticipated return of Samurai Shodown - one of the founding figures of the fighting genre,” said Koichi Toyama, Company President at SNK. “As a thank you to the fans who have stuck with us during the long wait between the franchise instalments, we’re pleased to offer the first 6 months of DLC completely free of charge to anyone who buys the game and redeems the game's season pass within the first week of release, which will include four new fighters."

Looking good, folks!
You can get the season pass 1 for FREE via add-ons right now! Free season pass will disappear on July 2nd. Will be $20 which is still not a bad price, compared to other season passes...

So far game is looking quite good with reviews and been hearing good things from friends who are fighting game fans. Free season pass seems like a big middle finger to the shit that Koei-Tecmo is pulling with with DOA6's moronic season passes.

THIS IS HOW you do DLC. Not the Koei Tecmo one that abuses it. But then again... Tecmo is doing that cause it seems to be the only way to make money from these meh DOA games, even resorted to the Free to Play thing cause those units aren't selling enough to make a profit..
there's absolutely no reason to buy DoA Season pass its all overpriced cosmetics that goes against the "new image of the game" that they want to pass, overall i don't think that DoA 6 its a bad game, its just a mess of they wanting to make everything Esports instead of making actual games to please your fanbase.

and its not only Koei, ASW does that too, like see FighterZ cast, they got a lot of irrelevant characters on the disc to sell fan favorites via DLC, DLC was a mistake

as for SS seasson pass i'm only interested in Kazuma hope that S2 brings his brother
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Oh yeah, ASW is definitely pretty bad in that regard, but they don't have as many DLC characters in their games outside of FighterZ... but their DLC characters are also some of the most expensive too... They do give some free ones too... Although Blazblue Cross Tag pass was quite good at only $20 for all the characters as well as the base game being cheaper...

Also want to mention if you get the season pass, you can also get Nakoruru's retro DLC costume for free too!

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