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Tokyo Game Shoe 2018.
My US 360 got busted up during my last move sadly. My JP one still works though.
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(09-12-2018, 04:25 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: ^LOL yeah that happened.
Still, Microsoft did everything they could to pander to the Japanese market with their overly japanese games in the 360. It's just that the market ain't interested in a foreign console.

Well, too bad. I liked some of the 360 exclusives, although I did play them in PC like the forementioned Lost Odyssey.

I never did get to play Blue Dragon.

How did you play X360 games on PC?
Is that a typo?
He meant to say Last Remnant and other 360 games that had PC ports.

Lost Odyssey never had a pc port.
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Most Xbonx 360 and XBONE exclusive games usually had PC ports, minus the stuff like idolM@ster etc. Dreamcast/Xbonx/PC pretty much share similar easy to develop for architecture. Similar to how PS4 and Vita do hence the ton of PS4/Vita cross games.
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Oh yeah, I mean Last Remnant.
It's either Last Remnant or Lost Odyssey, I forgot which one. XD
Sorry about that. ^^;
So in a related note, we're not getting a remaster of End of Eternity. A german retailer lists a PS4 and PC version remaster coming out, and aside from that the 10 year old twitter promotional accounts of @Reanbell, @Zephyr_eoe, and @Vashyron have all become active again.

We've entered the golden age where a bunch of old 360 JRPGs are ow getting remasters.....fuck yeah....
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Isn't End of Eternity also on PS3?
I'm all in for more Reanbell.
It came out on both systems at the same time, so its not a 360 exclusive.
End of Eternity is also on the Ps3
Its never too late to start loving again

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End of Eterinty has been confirmed for an HD 4K release on October 8th. Fairly soon.

So soon that there's probably not much added to it. As much as I loved EoE, I probably won't be picking this up uness it has some new stuff added. And not just Reanbelle's wedding dress and naughty santa outfit.
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