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Tokyo Game Shoe 2018.
Was there that many RPGs on the 360 that weren't ported to other systems? I can think of a couple at most. Most of the big ones got ported to the PS3 like Star Ocean 4 and Vesperia. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Infinite Undiscovery are the only big ones I can think of outside of Last Remnant's PS3 version getting cancelled. Microsoft likely still has exclusivity on some of those games. There were a few pretty obscure RPGs too but I can't really think of any on the top of my head aside from Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3...
The 360 overall was actually really popular with actual japanese developers. It was just the user base that hated it. One of it's best features was that it was insanely easy to develop for, where as PS2 and PS3 were total bull shit made only worse by Sony's stuck up attitude.
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^LOL yeah that happened.
Still, Microsoft did everything they could to pander to the Japanese market with their overly japanese games in the 360. It's just that the market ain't interested in a foreign console.

Well, too bad. I liked some of the 360 exclusives, although I did play them in PC like the forementioned Lost Odyssey.

I never did get to play Blue Dragon.
Fucking Blue Dragon killing my 360!

It wasn't the RROD but rather the E74 error, which is caused by the graphics chip or something stupid like that dieing, which started happening a lot after the first major dash board update. Luckily I did get it fixed by them, albeit I to send it in under the guise that it got the RROD. The good thing was that since it was a Halo 3 LE 360, they were forced to actually repair it and not just send me a shitty refurbished model.
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The E74 error had pretty much the same cause as most RRODs in case you care so you didn't really lie Smile, The Soldering got damaged due to high heat and broke/melted, damaging the components including GPU.
Off the top of my head... JP only
Tengai Makyou: Ziria – Haruka naru Jipang
Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin: Shiro no Oukyuu
Diario: Rebirth Moon Legend (this was an enhanced version of a PS2 game)
Entaku no Seito: Students of Round (I think this was ported to PSP at some point?)
SRW XO (Enhanced version of SRW GC, many new things... nearly a remake in some ways)

They also had insanely amazing support for shmups, something that is lacking on every other system. In addition many visual novels were released on the 360 also, with many remaining exclusive or not being released until many years later on PS3 too.
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Aye, I still remember the days when Tales of Vesperia and then the IdolM@ster games sold 360s like hot cakes.

One of the reasons it was so popular in the indi scene was that the system architecture was pretty much just an improved version of the Dreamcasts. Which MS were the ones who designed to begin with.
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Damn, I forgot all about Idolmaster and Dream Club. Especially the Idolmasters, I played those to death.
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haha, yeah. I was always jealous of your JP 360 a decade ago. The region free thing was largely why after I got a PS3 I almost never went back.

I think I have that one free to play Dream CLub game on my PS4, I just don't thinK I ever played it....
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Ugh ... the region lock was the reason I have an imported US 360 under my table. Considering the dust build up I expect if I ever try to use it again it will explode and take a good part of the city with it :p

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