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Has the Tales of Series died?
Its been a while since the last Tales of entry, the series usually produced 2 games per year now since Berseria that's already one year old there's not even rumors of a new Tales of in production, many people claims that the series died due to Tales of Zestiria being a pretty bad game....

and that's not exactly true , Zestiria has some camera flaws, the major problem with the series seems to be its fanbase, going as far as threatening a character designer because they didn't liked her, and others accusing the producer of ruining the game because a side character was not playable, Zestiria overall was a good game and overall challenging and a fun RPG, with flaws of course but not close to be that bad as people claims.

the answer to the clamor of the fans has been Velvet, a female main, resembling the other only female main of the series Milla Maxwell, Berseria is a great game as well and i fail to see why it leaved the series behind.

it may have been due to the times however...

discussing gaming got....boring, as we grow up we looked for things in our games that should't bother us on the first place ,since it don't exist like..."this character is too sexy", "this character is too unrealistic looking", as this trend continued to grow and the consoles this gen don't having that many Rpgs having pretty much just Persona 5 well succeeded ,  maybe the series have nowhere to go i don't know.. its sad i grew up playing Tales of and as bad as the stories where, they still entertained me and the battles where fun, now it looks like Banco don't know what to do with the franchise
other signal that Tales is dying is that the mobage died on the west, even when the Star Ocean one is still running.

seems like Tales of had its run, what your favorite Tales of game? X)

i will go with Tales of Xillia

i really enjoyed the story of that game and the OST
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Tales isn't exactly dead. Its studio is going thru a major shakeup IIRC. The last actual Tales game, Berseria, did pretty well and was a better game overall compared to Zestria. Sometimes there are a few years breaks between the main line games like Abyss and Vesperia . Let's not forget that Vesperia is getting a HD release on current systems.

Sometimes games go thru a quiet period. Yeah the last couple of games have been a bit lackluster but they still sold pretty well. Coming to steam also helped get new players in western markets on PC.

I wouldn't exactly use Mobage to guage interest of a franchise as a whole. Star Ocean has been in the dumps with 4 and 5 was a god awful game. So what if the mobage is selling? It doesn't mean crap to the franchise.

Any studio can crap out a mobage game, its a moronically easy cashgrab. Not much resources are needed compared to a actual console game.

As for favorite Tales game?

Tales of Graces F. I liked the plot, characters and especially the refined battle system that is my favorite in the franchise. The extra F portion was a great addition too.

Worst game I've played is Xilia 2, a boring game that seemed like it was meant to be in Xilia 1 in the 1st place but got lazy and made this instead. Never trust a Tales game that is a direct sequel to a mainline game. Only exception being Tales of Destiny 2.
I enjoyed Xillia. Xillia 2.. not so much. I don't think I finished that game.
I would like to try Berseria, and I really don't mind the design of the main character. In fact, I like her.

It's just that I really have no time to play RPGs nowadays. Sad
maybe you can try one or 2 hours/weekend i do this currently i'm playing my games like that it takes a eternity to finish but i end them eventually
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I can relate, there are plenty of days in a week I don't have the energy or drive to play games, only about a few nights in a week and on Saturdays.

There are exceptions of course, especially for the big games that come out.
Don't worry @Mai, Octopath Traveler existence in our world tell us that our beloved RPG genre is still relevant.
Tales isn't dead. Some of the knows at Bamco had commented before that the Tales of Studio was going thrush a restructuring. One key point was that Banco Japan is trying to go for quality of Quantity now with the series.

Rumors are Bamco is saving something big for TGS coming up. They've basically been the big stars the last few years winning it with the best reveals.
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With the number of my friends looking forward to the Tales of Vesperia remaster coming out, the series is definitely not dead.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
That was one of the rumors as well relating to the restructuring, that they partly did it because they wanted SOME sort of Tales of product brought out in the mean time until they make the next big announcement. It doesn't hurt that the industry is currently an a nostalgic period where Remasters and Remakes have become major players due to gamers wanting to relieve e the past, and how cheap the development of a remaster is. (Unless the source code was lost then you're fucked.)

With games like NierAutomata, , Kiseki, Versus XIII, and the like, JRPGS are definitely not dead. Especially Nier.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
NieR: Automata can be lumped into JRPGs like Kiseki and Versus XIII?
Action RPG, maybe. Big Grin

Anyway, Berseria is $15 right now in US PSN.

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