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SRW Comprehensive Running Commentary
You'll notice that, from OGs2 on, every Stage 37 in an OG game gives you something amazing.

OGMD, fortunately, continued the trend.
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Stage 40
SR: Destroy 10 or more enemies within 2 turns

Easy SR point. But then annoying Totetsu-oh and Kyuki-oh show up. They have an ability that saps 3 Will from every unit in a 3-square radius; fortunately they preferred to stay away and use long distance attacks so I didn't really have to deal with that.

Just like last time, you have to face both Jakubuoh and Bujakuoh. They have a lot of HP but repeated attacks bring them down pretty quickly -- I didn't beat either of them, but I made sure to attack them both with Kusuha and Bullet to get the Shishio Blade at the end.

Irui continues to have dreams and move towards recovering her memories and turning into naked attack goddess. Axel's back too from Endless Frontier 2 (I think). Are the SRW appearances in Project X Zone ever brought up or is that non-canon?
The PxZ stuff happens between OGII and OGMD. Sanger ends up there, he and the two EF people send back Kaguya with help from Aschen, but then an accident sends Haken and Aschen to the OGverse when they're trying to send back Sanger.

ACE R also happened between OGG and OGII, by the way. If you didn't know yet.
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>Are the SRW appearances in PxZ ever brought up

Not until Moon Dwellers.

After all, the PV that revealed that Haken was gonna be in it also alluded to a scene with both him and Sanger.
Wow that's interesting.. never knew that.
Stage 41
SR: Defeat Jinrai

Now time to deal with Jinrai and the robot ninjas. I'm pretty sure Touma is going to end up piloting the Jinrai since we're capturing it rather than killing it. I didn't play @3 with Touma so I don't know if that was his mech there?

Stage 42
SR: Defeat the Mass Production Jinrais by Turn 4

You have to be prepared for this SR point. The majority of the kills have to be done by Sanger and Retsel since the rest of the force won't even reach the enemies in time. Fortunately Trombe has a MAP attack and if you upgraded both of them it's doable.

Then you have to lure the Jinrai into a specific area and take him below 3000 HP without killing him, surrounded by at least 2 guys. If you want the secret, two of those have to be Sanger and Retsel, and one of them has to get the kill.

Stage 43
SR: Defeat the blue Sailion with Ibis by Turn 7

SR point was harder than I expected it to be because the rest of your force can't reach Sailion until about turn 7, and he has a lot of HP and defense. But it wasn't really that bad.

This is the mid-@2 stage with the teaming of of Sleigh and Ibis and our new Hyperion mech. @2 was my first SRW. I misunderstood what someone said about upgrade carryover and ended up fully upgrading Ibis' mech very early in the game, which made her godlike (rather unusual for early-@2 Ibis).
Touma's robot in Alpha 3 was the Raioh, which would be upgraded later on to the Dairaioh. The Raioh is part of the DGG series. This is why whatever secret you mean (Can't play OGs 2 myself) would require either Sanger or Elzam to do stuff, presumably - after all, their robots are the first and second DGG units respectively.
The Jinrai you capture gets turned into the Raioh, his Alpha 3 mech.

Unfortunately Touma isn't the total asshole he was in Alpha 3 - or perhaps fortunately - but hey, given its animation quality, we might get a version of Dairaioh's finisher in OG The Balmar Wars that isn't a total letdown.
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Wow, this next SR point is tough. I think I've figured out how to get it, maybe, but it will take another restart.
Sorry I'm slacking off so much on this.

Stage 44
SR: Lower the health of Zezenan's unit to under 35,000 HP by Turn 5.

This is the hardest SR point so far, I think -- you just get forced units. Any death is a loss, and Zezenan is flanked by two units that support defend him, plus your guys start far away from him. The only solution that I can see is to twin Shuu and Safine, and use Safine's twin seishin which gives Speed and also the other one that ignores special defenses and lets you use any attack post move. Mio can Exhaust Zezenan twice. With that and a Trust or two for Safine you can do enough damage to Zezenan just with Shuu and Safine by turn 5.

So now the Masou Kishin units are back (or some of them at least). Shuu is manipulating things from the shadows like always, but at least it seems like he's working for us.

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