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Gundam Seed/Destiny - Thoughts?
I actually really disliked Seed for a pretty long time after having got about a third or half way into it, and then abandoning it.

Years pass...

A friend I was talking to recommended I finish it, and so I did. I'm actually glad I did so. I'll come right out and say this isn't one of my top animes, but it's certainly not on my shit-list anymore.

Now that I've finished Seed, I've started into Destiny, I'm actually enjoying this much more than Seed thus far (just finished episode 17).

Of course I couldn't appreciate Destiny the way I am now if I had not finished Seed first; but I just like Shinn's character much more than Kira and Athrun. The way he's still dragging his emotional baggage around, having to come to terms and take responsibility for his actions, I can appreciate his character much more than the previous protagonists.

Of course my stance my change, as I'm only about a third of the way into Destiny, but if it keeps going at this pace, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

On a closing note, how do you guys feel about Seed/Destiny as a whole? Are there any other animes you had to struggle to finish, but are glad you did?
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You're just about at the point where Destiny falls apart so no you probably won't enjoy it much better.
Shinn isn't a bad character.

Destiny does gets really bad like next episode, soon you will find that Seed is better.

> Are there any other animes you had to struggle to finish, but are glad you did?
Eureka Seven.
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Never did managed to finish watching Votoms.
I think I stopped at episode between 10-20 something.

About Destiny, I never did watch it too. Finished SEED, though. Not bad.
(05-25-2016, 06:44 AM)thebigb Wrote: Eureka Seven.

Funny you say that, it was the same for me. I saw bits and pieces of it a while back, I think while it was airing on Adult Swim. It wasn't really my bag at the time.

Fast forward~

I see it appear on Netflix, where I finally finished it. Pretty good series.

Edit: I must give props to SEED Destiny OP 1. Love it.

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Oh yeah, I like SEED's 1st ending "Anna ni issho datta no ni".
SEED/Destiny starts off pretty good but between a LOT of clip shows and the fact that, IMO, characterization goes really hard into flanderization and derailment, it really tainted my view of the SEED universe in a bad way for years afterwards.
yeah, the OST is great. just a quick warning though, the 4th OP of seed destiny can be a bit jarring. it's a good song but after all those high energy OPs it felt out of place.

It was a real WTF moment, so I guess in a way it's a metaphor for how the entire series was written.
Pretty much what others said. SEED is decent; it's not the greatest Gundam show out there but it's not bad. Destiny starts out with a lot of promise, but gets worse and worse as the show goes on and collapses by the end. It's the worst Gundam series I've seen.
Because I have been rereading it recently, I am going to say that the best part of the Cosmic Era, for me, is the Gundam Seed Astray manga. I loathe the anime, especially Destiny, but Lowe and company show a different perspective on it that feels a lot more like a traditional Gundam series. ... Unfortunately, the manga is out of print, these days, but at least I held on to my books from back in the day.
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