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Excellen voice actress passed away
Mizutani Yuko Excellen voice actress passed away on 17th of may due to breast cancer.

rest in pace Yuko-san you gave us a lot of great moments trough your voice, may your work be always remembered by SRW fans.

Its never too late to start loving again

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No! This is terrible. Friggin' cancer. It's always cancer. Can't wait until the day we find a cure for that shit.

She will never be forgotten~
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RIP Mizutani Yuko, thank you for everything.

fucking cancer, It always ruins everything.
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There will never be cure for cancer, same reason there's still no alternative to fossil fuel. 
You want to f--- with cancer, return to eating freshly harvested and freshly butchered food. Don't eat anything or buy ingredients off supermarkets. No more sick people -> no more billion dollar industry -> no more assasination of doctors who can cure cancer.
R.I.P Mizutani-san...
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If it's any comfort, Terada confirms in Spalog confirms that Yuko-neesama finished her voice work for Moon Dwellers, like how Zeta ANT was Hirotaka Suzuoki's last hurrah, so too shall Moon Dwellers be Yuko Mizutani's.

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