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Season 4 Start: "imagination to create a galaxy" (Gundam Build Fighters)

chapter 1:

The event man greets Sei from what he calls a parallel world, he says that this is a story about imagination a very simple one, he should understand, he continues talking till the usual "let the dream begin"

~~ Space (unknow location) ~~

Simon is struggling against the anti Spirals (they where also main enemies of those last events).

Simon - This is the Anti Spiral main forces.
Anti Spiral - Spiral of man you search eternal battle.

Viral says that they already saved a princess from the explosion earlier nothing can stop them now, Nia says that she is safe and ready to take on whatever, they can't control them, they have a will to live and will for their own dreams and individuality, and Simon claims that they won't go down without fighting, the antispiral says that they are but a little fraction of him and they should't struggle, when Noriko pops out, she says that if that's the case all effort and dedication would be for nothing, an Jung says that they're not only 3 machines like he is seeing but a infinite number of wishes are withing them (Jung is on Gurren Laggan spirit XD)

[Image: L1isKIp.png]

The Antispiral says that their defeat is inevitable when Strike Build Gundam arrives with the rest of the Gurren Laggan crew, Yoko claims that those kids are with her for sometime now since she found them, and Simon already knows them, he says that if their worlds where different he probably would be expecting them riding a gundam if that where possible..

however this space is crazy and the Gunpla suddenly turns into a real machine due to spiral power, Sei seems confused of how that's possible, Reiji can't give a moment of trough and ride on it to battle.

they launch and begins an all out attack on the antispiral, that don't counter attack at all, Noriko warns the kids to be alert.

the antispiral says that he finally understand what would be a world without the spirals, and he is interested in it
, he also claims that they have no power at all and are easily devoured he send them to a place that Yoko calls "the multiverse labyrinth, the antispiral say that those with no spiral power should not face him and they will never escape and die there, Simon however believes in them, he says that the spiral power its not on the machine is on people hearts.


Reiji and Sei are wake up on the middle of a city, Sei is confused of what they where, this place is strange and have a lot of ms around, the place don't seems to be their world as well, suddenly they can hear a voice that Sei recognizes.

Garrod -- I'm seeling this MS! who is interested on this ms? Build Strike Gundam is what its called!
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

So Spiral Power can turn Toys into murder machines.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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Thanks for the story Mai. I can't believe the day has already come when plamo Gundam will eventually become stronger than TTGL in SRW.
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So that means, when Gundam Build Fighters eventually debuted in console SRW, there has to be TTGL in it for the shenanigans to work. XD
Or Getter Rays evolution power maybe can make plastic toys into real military mech.
On another unrelated note, riobots Black Shin Getter looks so rad, I want it in X-Omega along with Getter Emperor.

Last year we got Taiki Gurren Wing, Another gacha Eva 13 and Another gacha Mazinkaiser KS Defender.
This year we get TTGL, Mazinger Zero and I kinda expect Eva 13 with dual Longinus Spear.
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Huh, Space W Tank Yoko had a Valentine’s Day version? I just pulled it from a Rainbow Coin. Is it good for any reason other than” Yoko in a bunny suit” or just pure titilizating fanservice?
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Nope, just sexy Yoko for all to ogle.
Chapter 2:

Garrod is seeling the Gundam and he claims that people won't find a gundam to buy in any other place, he wants some cash, Reiji sees that he will grab the Gundam from him and Sei tell Reiji to wait, Sei ask Reiji to wait because he knows where they are, he explains to Reiji the Gundam X backstory the beginning of the war and stuff, Sei knows what to do and explains to Reiji, that find it stupid that those are only shows to Sei, and Sei says that its exactly like this that Gundam X begins.

[Image: 3JvlQ7E.png]

they hover against the multiple people out there and call Garrod attention.

Reiji -- Hey! that's my Gundam that you're seeling
Garrod -- What do you mean by your gundam?

*Judau arrives*

Judau -- i found it excavating the slums it can't be yours
Sei -- Judau Astha?!!

Judau goes on and Garrod end up talking that finding a Gundam its like finding a gold mine, they're poor and need money so if Reiji wants, its 6 million, and there's a guy that will buy it for 6 million, Sei tries to calm Reiji down telling that they're good people on deep down, but Reiji don't care he offers 1 billion for the Gundam, just for shortly after a guy Turn A appear and offer 4 billion, Jerrid and Sarah appears out of nowhere with a Titan force they of course have a mission...

Sarah -- you! kid.. this Gundam is ours
Garrod -- wha? we found it first

Sai -- the titans? what are they doing here?

Reiji and Sei get impatience and board the BuildStrike Gundam using Sei terminal and it turns it on they will battle Jerrid and Sarah.

Garrod and Judau decides to help, Garrod laments that he can't fire the Satelite cannon on them, because he need Tifa to do that, so they will be helping normally.

Sarah retreats at the sight of 3 gundams that she can't battle.

after the battle, Garrod is sorta of sorry he just tells that he don't want to die poor and that's all Judau also has similar motives, Sei thanks them and suddenly the Build Strike Gundam disappear 

This time Sei and Reiji appears on space, a communication open to them and they are greeted by Kira and Amuro who Sei of course is a huge fanboy off.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Did you get TTGL from daily 1 OMG roll too Mai? Congrats.
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(07-03-2018, 05:25 AM)Wish Wrote: Did you get TTGL from daily 1 OMG roll too Mai? Congrats.

Nops i did a multi summon for my second Jung and got it alongside her, and thanks Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

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