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Season 4 Start: "imagination to create a galaxy" (Gundam Build Fighters)
Same, I just wanted Jung as well and I got the Gundam as well.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Got TTGL on my first step up. I am satisfied.
[Image: kMXwbd4.png]

[Image: jnkhZfS.png]
[Image: 5c5ed5950961.png]
how many tries before a taiki?
Thanks you daily try 1 OMG used:
[Image: wAUzj9Y.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

FIRST TRY JUNG XD literally the first robot
^Jung is guaranteed. Big Grin
many units to level literally ZERO xps material missions to do -_-

Terada don't give us like 5 new units or more and not a single way to level them
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Build Strike Gundam and Quebeley Papilon units quests: (they share the same unit quest, probably all the build fighters units share)

    Sei wakes up Reiji in the morning, he claims that is still so early they can wait a little more, Sei brings up that Reiji takes a eternity to really wake up he counters that they have time and now they arrived a good point on the tournament where they will fight someone important.

they go out and meet their mentor that says that talks to them about the spirit of the Gunpla and battles and how their next opponents will ben nothing like they faced till now, Reiji is earning to fight them all, they go to the stadium...

~~ Stadium ~~

they enter the tournament and fight some opponent that they destroy Reiji brings up that the difference on the gap on skills is real little now, then suddenly meet their chainman and Sei interest China, she is piloting the majestic pedobear gundam i mean Bearguy, and Sei asks why she joined the tournament, she says that she wants to be stronger too so she can't get further from them that leaves Sei with this face, the boys keep arguing about Reiji wild style of battle...

Watching the battle is Aila that talks about how strange are this country fighters she also fells pretty hungry for limit break crystals i mean.... she fells hungry she meets Sei's mother and they chat, she talks about Sei and Reiji, and Aila ask if she can make food for her, the battle continue on..

another opponent goes down, they think that its the last one, but their instructor will have to battle them next.

(as i'm using the SR version it stops here, when i level up Aila to 65 to unlock the last ability i will update this post ^^)
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

OMG. after wasting the full cycle (6% SSR for 14 units and no results ARE YOU KIDDING ME) i got the 44 k omega taiki on the second step, 5 crystals for 2 cards. Thank god.

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