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New MacGyver
Had a go at this remake, and ... I think it's back to watching the original show on DVD again, thank you. (Bought the whole series for Mrs. Samu.)
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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Yeah I've watched Lethal Weapon 1-4. The new Lethal Weapon TV series... not yet. XD
Of course. Not having seen the original series is blasphemy  Big Grin

Edit: goes for MacGyver as well. Since we're talking a bit ot. lol
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I sampled it but ... watching the show pretty much felt like watching a porn parody without the sex. Not kidding, not exaggerating. Think porn parody and watch the show you'll see.

Title should be "Axel Braun's This ain't Macgyver". Cos this ain't Macgyver.
Hype wasted Sad
Mega Nutrients
Yep, I've only seen trailers and clips of the new MacGyver and was like...this isn't MacGyver.

Netflix had the original MacGyver for a while, but when the new one stared airing, they pulled all of it. Sort of pissed me off.
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