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Gundam NT
Apparently Gundam Narrative did well in theatres as it was #4 on opening weekend in the box office. For a Gundam movie to do that is pretty good.

But given that its a sequel to Unicorn and UC heavy it makes sense that people would want to see it, as Unicorn is still popular with Gundam fans.
*rubs hands together*

I am hoping one of the streaming services picks this up. It happened for Origin, after all.
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I read the sypnosis/summary of Narrative, there is some interesting stuff in there. It really wraps up Unicorn's plot and is a epilogue and tells its own story too. Even brings in some details from the Unicorn novels that was NOT in the anime for Unicorn (like Full Frontal's origin and WHO his master really was). Still has the usual over-newtype weird-ness but given its UC Gundam its to be expected.

Solid plot and the animation is a bit of a step down from Unicorn in some parts but still pretty good looking.

I look forward to the home release and whenever it will be available for streaming, likely Netflix since they have Unicorn although Hulu might also be a option since Origin is on there too with Gundam Wing IIRC...
It took a while for Unicorn to stream anywhere, but that was a long time ago. We'll see how that goes, maybe even a small theater release could be in the cards.

I'm the resident Unicorn hater, so ehhh I'm not too excited to hear it's got as much of that still as expected, but it is neat to have some coverage of Australian survivors in this one (even if I get the feeling that's basically Fukuda doing some Gundam detail fanboying).

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