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Types of Banners (help for new people)
Welcome to the banner guide i hope this helps new people to find their way on the battlefield and acquire new units Smile

[Image: OGLD9in.png]
Different from other Gachas the SRW one, usually guarantee the SSR unit when you finish pulling, the thing is, if you're lucky you will get 2 or 3 copies, if you're unlucky you get one.

The Step up Banner:

Also know as the eater of OMG crystals, the premium currency destroyer, the splendor of rage or simple the Scam Gacha.

on the scam gacha they will release 3 or 4 units, those are the only units that you can get on the banner, on every pull that you do the chances of getting a unit will raise till a big 30%, however... this don't guarantee that you will get a unit and also don't guarantee that you will get the unit that you want even if you get them.

When to use:

~ You want all the units on the banner and will be ok with any of them
~ the banner give tickets on return for you to use on a event banner for getting a unit of your choice (this happens a lot on events)

outside those if you are using the Step Up banner, know what this is the worst one that this game has.

FOE Event unit banner:

This banner guarantee you a unit for doing the event, most of the time the Foe events give enough OMGS to use this and get the unit, is recommended if you like the unit/character on the banner or if they are gameplaywise fun or add something new to the game, but lets be real, this is more of a collecting game so its a good one.

The Mid Month Banner:

This is one of the best banners of the game to summon, here they will release 3 new units, for a cost of 30/40/40, on the last pull if you failed all the rest the game will force the unit on your roll, you also don't get to select the unit on this most of the time, however, you are 100% guaranteed to get a unit on this one.

S.O.L.I.S Event Banners:

This banner comes together with the special monthly unit, however this banner only features the OG of the game the SOLIS Girls, they will use only 2 variations of units changing colors, their units have little weapons, some of them however are spectacular units, like the mid month banner this also give you the unit for guaranteed, its only two units per banner so is easier to get what you want, but i also recommend only using when you're ok with any of the two.

Newcomer banner:

Those are especial units that are released one time per month, sometimes they are incredible strong, others just strong, however all of them are incredible good units, those units stay exclusive for sometime, to use this banners you will  use some OMGS however the unit is also guaranteed on the end of your rolls. 

remember to not become too obsessed with the game Cross Omega is pretty F2P Friendly you can get 150 OMG per month, if you don't waste it on the scam gacha, that can guarantee you a unit on the newcomer banner, the SOLIS unit or the mid month banner unit.

don't over stress because of the game as well, play it healthy Smile

[Image: eV3D7d3.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Thank you for the guide!
I have question, what kind of banner is the 15-30-30-30 one(fourth multi guaranteed 1 ssr and the banner just out yesterday featuring units like hi-v gundam)
Not worth, it don't guarantees that you will get a taiki after wasting 105 Omgs you can get out of it with a unit that you will get from events such as Fighter Salako, Spiegel Gundam, Neena and such its like 40% of getting a pretty good unit and 60% of getting a good unit however said good unit can be acquired via SP tickets, blue tickets, events and such

save everything whatever they will release after day 28, they will probably announce a collab and more series, Collabs are the best banners to go all out
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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