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Armored Core 6?
NepNepNep. It's like they saw the Nintendo Direct last week and realized they were beaten to their own game. By the actual people who used to make said games.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Oh god, beat still my heart ....
Looks like its still in the very early stages. Hope Miyazaki is involved because he did a great job with For Answer which is a favorite for a lot of AC fans. AC5/VD had a different director and it showed... AC5/VD felt like Chromehounds cosplaying as AC...
V was just a very bad mistake. They just forced the online aspect way too much instead of the single player experience. Which is why they made the mechs so much slower to deal with lag. And while I did  enjoy the urban enviorments, having to constantly walk kick up a building got annoying.

And the final boss of V-D just felt like a "fuck you" rather then an homage because you were literally fighting White Glint.

For this we'll have to wait an see. A LOT of the old and FA team jumped ship to Marvelous to work on DxM. Hell Gundam Breaker 1-3 was really just a Musou game but even that felt better then 5/VD.

Though V did have one of my favorite songs in the series. even more so since it was your garage theme.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
... I really liked V and V-D Sad while it was slower it felt more like old Armored Core so it was quite nostalgic for me. There was a story reason for that too since you didn't actually use NEXT ACs but normals (you know, the grunts you murdered en masse in the previous games who are also much smaller than NEXTs) since that Kojima radiation <beep>ed everything up. As for the appearance of the black White Glint my reaction was more positive.
I guess I simply prefer different things in my mecha games. Though I do agree that the online aspect hurt the game more than it helped.

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