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New Tales Of...
Zestiria tried to move Tales forward, and Berseria only was what it was because of what Zestiria experimented

sincerely Zestiria was not a bad game at all, most things that people are annoyed about petty irrelevant things ,the only things that are really really troublesome are not Baba's fault at all, and that is problems with the camera, FPS drooping, combos not connecting when it should, some ridiculous weird hit boxes, they where all about princes Alisha and how they wanted that her story would develop, some of those things petty as well... like "why is she not stronger than N character, Why does she does this and that?"

or even worse going about how Edna make jokes on her, but Edna hates all humans is a trait on her character, people punching bag Baba, but still commemorate his games HD re-release , i for example consider the Vesperia fiasco far worse than the dmg that Zestiria done to the franchise

also both Tales of Xillia are good games
Its never too late to start loving again

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