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Transferring failed help
When I was transferring my account from android to IOS, I got 10117 error, anyone has same problem?
Can we even move the account across platform? I think you should stick to Android.
its saying that you account is being used on other device, are you sure that you didn't registered multiple twitters on that save or something? and that the other device don't have SRW running on the moment?
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I am having this same error also, I tried to transfer my SRWxO account to an emulator, how do you fix it? It won't even let me transfer it back to my phone.
Never have this kind of error before. Are you using cross-platform transfer too like IOS to Android?
At least for all I know, registering multiple accounts on same twitter is not a problem because I did that on my 3 accs using the same twitter. But you should delete your tweet to be eligible to receive rewards on event tab for each account.
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Yeah, I was rerolling and used the same twitter account each time. I revoked the access for SRWxO in Twitter and that didn't help. As far as the tweet thing goes, I just put in a few letters in the box that pops up and that let me tweet the same tweet multiple times.

I rerolled again, but I really want my old account back, I was pretty happy with its luck so far...
If you have your old user ID and purchased something in game, it will be easier to provide that on customer support.
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(07-04-2018, 03:42 PM)Wish Wrote: If you have your old user ID and purchased something in game, it will be easier to provide that on customer support.

I have my ID of course, it's just that it's not letting me use my password basically. I know I am doing the right password because it gives me a different error when I enter the wrong one. Never made a purchase though.
Also if anyone could give me a website / e-mail to get me started on account recovery that would be appreciated.
It is going to be very hard to deal with support if you don't understand Japanese since you never made a purchase. Had you made a purchase, it would be a pretty much automated process. My suggestion for everyone that plays mobile games is to always make a 1 dollar purchase for account recovery purposes.

Good luck in getting your account back.
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