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Code Geass OZ + Eureka Seven AO: Towards the Rainbow
[Image: SltPRuj.jpg]

Due to overuse of the Quartz Gun a modification on the world structure happened, in there the Glenda Knights works together with the Generation Blue and the Beast Battle  Corps (that's Dancouga).

Ao searches for someone who dissipated from existence.


This event will probably bring up Omega Oldrin, or Sokia for those who waited them, also there's a possibility that Adult Eureka or Renton appears as well, since we already have the Omega Dancouga and just had Taiki Dancouga nova, before all the hype we are also missing Helena for quite a while and they seem to be finishing releasing those more forgotten units so it might be jus Helena,Orpheus and Sokia

as off now the only confirmed thing is The new AO reward unit, probably with the Quartz Gun Hisatsu.


i will update once more information is released

during this event there's a EX Ticket banner happening you login and get a ticket use it and receive a "super robot stream ticket" once the event ends on 4 more days there's a stream announcing new series/colabs or something, so don't forget to login Smile

also if you're planing to use the EX banner, wait till you use all your tickets you might luck out and get what you want on the tickets, the rate up unis are all Omega units including the Omega Eva 01 (Awakened),Eureka,Anemone,Neo Granzon, Defender and Attacker Van Reiz, both Huckbeins, Bob, Unicorn, Stella,Neena..etc


New units:

Sugata (Star Driver)
[Image: yWYAm7w.png]

Orpheus Zevon (Code Geass Oz)
[Image: MH93hL3.png]

Helena (Eureka Seven AO)
[Image: YoieBEN.png]

Reward unit:

AO on the Nirvash (shooter)

[Image: ih88pRL.png]

Oldrin of the month:

Oldrin Zevon on the Omega High Grail:
[Image: yobs53j.png]
[Image: weHf6UW.png]


Good luck to everyone, and if you try to pull Oldrin and end up with her Twin brother remember... Oldrin only loves Mari not you!
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Oh boy, so this event is about things getting fucked up by the Retcon Gun? Been waiting for them to pull that one out.
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Can Quartz Gun rewrite the timeline so Oldrin will become one true waifu of Super Robot franchise?
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at this point she already probably is? lol

Orpheus new look should be this:
[Image: 2usNu3R.jpg]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

She pretty much is. Since her debut she's basically been the most popular female in the game. Her lewd outfit also only adds to her appeal. Not to mention broken as hell her first taiki used to be before it all went under.

Only charcters with better pilot suits are basically the Solis girls.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(06-15-2018, 01:50 AM)Mai Wrote: [Image: SltPRuj.jpg]

as off now the only confirmed thing is The new AO reward unit, probably with the Quartz Gun Hisatsu.

Reward unit???...hopefully he got a good stats for a reward unit
Oldrin gets her Omega High Grail..they really love her lol

Surprisingly, they chose Sugata from Star Driver for this banner ._.
New units added Smile

game can we get a good Taiki Orpheus please? we have like 10 Oldrins and 2 Orpheus, can we have a good one Terada? make it happen!
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Samekh is like last boss tier, I wonder if it will have EX 4 like Neo Granzon or simply become sturdy and strong like Hell King Gordon. Oldrin Omega hissatsu, isn't it the best omega hissatsu animation in the game right now?
We are so near with Blue Taiki official announcement and Summer gacha but it feels hard to ignore Oldrin.
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Looking forward to support character Oldrin's latest support unit. I wonder which unit she is meant to support while she stands there and pokes the enemy when her turn comes up because her special attack is a literal waste of cores. Thanks Oochi! Smile
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