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Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise
Exclusive till it get a PC port.
US launch version will come with reversible cover from the JP version.
Ah, me like the reversible cover. No stupid blue bar on top. Big Grin
[Image: DlZRPAmUcAAorse.jpg]
Asking anyone who has played this:

- How much story does it have?

- Is the combat responsive and/or fluid?

- Is the gore censored in the US / R1 version?
I'm not sure about the story or the gore, since US version isn't out yet.
About the fighting, I like it. It feels like Yakuza series staple fighting combined with the deadliness of Hokuto Shinken, resulting in a pretty fun combat.
The tutorial:

The gameplay:

I'm looking forward to it, really. Big Grin
The US version is completely uncensored for gore, there is a option to tone it down. The JP version is the one that was toned down. Video here shows the difference between the JP and English release.


I'm just waiting for the "Ai wo Torimodose" DLC. Big Grin

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