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Metal Wolf Chaos BABY!!!
its coming to PC/XONE/PS4 

Ah yes, the most patriotic game not made by Americans Smile Playing the old original was hilarious
"Mech America Great Again" they say. Big Grin

I remember this hilarious game. Good that it has a sequel.
It doesn't. XD is literally just a straight up port with wide screen support ad enhanced textures, it's not new.

I played the original back in the day, and is worth getting again.

The best part isn't the game itself but that Devolver's shit post conference was easily the best thing out of E3 and has clearly won it even without seeing Sony's . ALL HAIL THE LOOT BOX COIN!

Also that Mech America Great Again has pissed of a lot of people, and I am savoring it so deliciously so!
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Savor this lol:


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