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Deard or Alive 6
Those people are so goddamn stupid. THEY'RE HUSBAND AND WIFE. And in the case of 18 and 17, They're literally Twins who's fighting style involves tag teaming. And in the case of 18 and Krillin if he's deployed, THEY'RE HUSBAND AND WIFE!

And it's not just SJWs even though it started from them. Now westerners are so prissy about wanting to seem offending to anyone and anything that they'll take measures to over react and censor anything and everything before it's even out and anyone even cares about it.

Last night after the stream got cut the head of EVO tweated basically saying "Those Japanese and their game don't reflect our 'murrcan core values at Evo!" DESPITE the fact that it was just a safe add trying to reaveal Mai for DOA6. Which thanks to them the KoF people never got the chance to.
[Image: fX2EhEX.jpg]

MEANWHILE, This douche bag had no issue showing people getting disemboweled, getting their faces and eyeballs ripped off, and all the extreme gore from Mortal Combat. Nope, no problemes where.

Needless to say the Evo guy got rekt online that he was forced to delete his tweet, but it was too late.
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Chin up, maybe in a few years it'll be gore that'll be heavily censored and sexy will be on the rise. Getting back to the game itself, I can honestly see Honoka getting involved in the ninja storyline due to her possible connection to Raidou while Marie would be mixed up with the DOATEC situation due to being Helena's maid.
Japanese games have more issues with gore factor these days while in the West its more nudity/skimpy outfits. Its not just Sony that is doing this but even Steam has been cracking down on that kind of stuff too lately. But it also differs from game to game. Its the visual novel/fanservice games that seem to be affected by it the most. Some games like Catherine Full Body and Judgement are not affected at all.

Fist of the North Star Yakuza in Japan has less gore than the Western version.

Let's not blow this Twitch stream out of proportion... its only a damn stream, not the game itself..
So, how's the game itself? I mean, the actual fighting portion of it like the combos or any new features.
It's really good, and feels pretty fluid. Mechanics have been built up from the last game. Many characters have had their moves redone to allow them to combo much better and fluidy, as well as be able to counter. Marie Rose was shown last night to have gotten a huge improvement, especially in nailing people in corners. In the last game, her real damage only came from grapples where for some reason she had the highest damage values in the game in that regard.

But it definitely plays a slower then the previous game. Most likely it's for the same reason as Gundam Versus did and they want it to be more accessible to new fans. But that's a double edged sword as many old ExVS fans did not like the slower pace or especially the Boost Dive mechanic.
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How fast or slow can a fighting game go anyway? I mean, based on the game itself, not by how fast or slow a player is at the controls, or is that a factor as well?
Depends on the game, and both. Some can go at a slower pace like say Mortal Combat, some times Street fighters. And some can go at insane speeds that require super fast button inputs at specific frames like DOA5 etc. Tekken was also up there in terms of speed, as well games like blazeblue and such.
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