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Deard or Alive 6
[Image: DpDfrb7UUAEHqkJ?format=jpg]
Her? I would love to get her. Big Grin
But I read somewhere that DOAXVV characters won't cross to the fighting game. Sad

Also, Tecmo Koei is killing it with the price:
Quote:The Strongest Package will cost a whopping 25,800 yen ($232) includes all of the above, plus a dakimakura cover featuring Ayane and Kasumi in alluring pose, a set of five bathroom posters (they’re specially treated to be hung in the bathroom), and the inevitable oppai mousepads.
They did say that about the DOAXVV characters ... they also said they want to stop oversexing their games and just look at the DOA6 limited edition. Money is a good motivator.
No that's Tamaki, the slutty fashion designer. The slut princess is Fiona.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

A new character that isn't big boobs.
More like Marie Rose 2.... using Pencak Silat. From Finland.

Edit: video replaced.
A Vocaloid who shoots lightning bolts? Okay...
>You now realize that Honoka was based on Honoka from Love Live and now they just added NiCO NiCO Niiiiiiii〰
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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