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Tales of Vesperia HD Remaster (?)
Oh god i hope that's the case!!!
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you've been staked.
It probably is. There'd been rumors flying around the JP forums recently that they wanted to release more HD remasters after how well the concept has been doing in the western markets.

Also the Tales Of team is in shambles somewhat so a full new title won't be announced for a while most likely.

Also if Estelle''s dress from the prologue is left out again Im going to be pissed....again.
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I think this has a very high chance of getting a PC version too. Namco Bandai has made PC versions of the last 2 games as well as Symphonia remaster. Maybe this will lead to Graces F getting the remaster treatment/PC port as well in the future.
A die hard friend of the series at  the guild summed it up best that the game that really needs a full 3D remake is Phantasia.

 I'm okay with Vesperia, because the cast was great (Especially Rita, and except Karol because ♤♡◇♧ Karol and his entire cliche character archetype that never stopped being annoying)

But it's high time Phantasia got its dues.

The chance for PC is High, but not until the following year with all the extra content that already exists on the ps4 disc that was removed for unexplained reasons.

Note, I'm on my phone so this post might do that large text thing it does with this board. 
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Vesperia Definitive Edition confirmed for all 4 platforms.
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Excellent, I never finished it on the old XBox so this is a good opportunity for me.
I enjoyed the 360 version back then because the characters are the best aspect, story was alright. Battle system might be annoying going back to, especially since its successor Graces (F) had a unique and more fun battle system.
Everything has come full circle.
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[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So are they gonna record lines for Patty and all the new content?
Yep, all the content from the PS3 JP release is here. Given the HD treatment, better frame-rate and upscaled the graphics. Dual-language option too.

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