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Devil May Cry 5
(09-23-2018, 05:35 PM)Top Nep Wrote: It's not really a big deal. It's a 99.9% single player game. If people are dumb or lazy enough to buy the upgrades with real money then that's on them. The only thing i tmight possibly affect would be the 2-3 player online mode but that's most likely just something lame like Bloody Palace.
That depends. As he said if it's just extra then there is no trouble but if they made things INCREDIBLE hard to get just to sell those then it's a different Issue (Like Move Upgrades costing like Lv1 500 Lv2 2500 Lv3 100.000 or something stupid like that). Or certain extras being hidden behind impossible challenges like "finish the hardest difficulty without being hit, ever".
People who already played the TGS Demo with the features already built in already confirmed it's nothing big, the in game values aren't any different then they were in past games.
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Lol at how crazy shit has gotten.

also the friend at the guild who works for Capcom JP added
"I should ask Itsuno-san if he expected punch line to be this crazy (especially the punch line funnel bug)..."

Did't even know it was a bug till he said it. XD

Also they changed the timeline again, DMC2 now takes place BEFORE DMC4. And because people kept bugging them about it/refused to accept it, yes the anime was canon. (This was already confirmed years ago). Dante in game flat out says he doesn't want to go to Patty's 18th birthday party.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
... well it's an 18 year old girls birthday party so it's hard to blame him Undecided He is what? 40?
I have to admit I'm starting to get some measure of excitment for this game though the more I see.
They really gave the game their all and beyond. As said friend who works at Capcom JP said,(He signed a NDE so he can't comment on development directly but can just reveal random tidbits/trivia) the higher ups basically realized that right now the world market has been dominated by Battle Royal, Multiplayer games, shooters, etc, and everyone has abandoned the core big game single one. Which is what they wanted to capture with games like RE2, DMC5, and the currently worked on RE3. As well as Monster Hunter because even though it's a group game, it can be fully played and enjoyed solo.

They pretty much spent on expense on the budgets of MHW, RE2 and DMC5. Which the first 2 have more then made up their development cost and put Capcom once again in the world wide light.
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So Not so funny story. Dante's voice actor was shot at 6 times today. And lived. (Failed Car jacking as he as in Guatamala filming a documentary.

Devils never die.
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Famitsu score, 37/40.

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Just a word of warning, the games leaked and spoilers going rampant.

Final boss is lol.

*Cue Old Snake*
Spoiler Show
This itself isn't the final boss BTW

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Okay I was wrong, that apperantly WAS the final boss?

HD version

Nero: You feel accepting yet!
????: Of you're existence, or you strength.
Nero: Both you fucking asshole!
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I lost it. We knew something like this would come but didn't think it'd be this good.

Possible spoilers though nothing we didn't arealy know from the trailers
Fucking LOL
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