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Devil May Cry 5
Speaking of beards:

Additional footage from Inside Xbox

lol, in the Neon Sign Nero drives with was a gift from Dante in the novels.

Nero's new buddy Nico is also the granddaughter of the woman who made Ebony & Irony for Dante.
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According to a interview, development team for this game is pretty much the same guys who worked on 4 a decade ago.
Wasn't DMC4 made by the guys who formed Platinum and made Bayonetta?
No, you're thinking of Hideki Kamiya, Shinji Ikami and Studio Clover, they were shut down in 2007, Devil May Cry 4 came out in 2008. Hideaki Itsuno is the director on the series since Devil May Cry 2 (not so much with DmC) and other various Capcom games. He's still at Capcom. Kamiya worked on the 1st Devil May Cry.
So, fun story. On Friday when Max and Kenny and them (Yo Videogames for those who aren't familiar) were streaming Soul Calibur VI, (Bandai personally gave them a legit copy of the latest build straight to Max's house to play on stream), they told an amusing story that apparently at E3, they had run into Reuben Langdon who had told max that he had actually shown Max and crews DMC5 reaction video to Capcon and DMC5's executive producer Itsuno. And that when Itsuno saw it, he straight out broke into tears because of how them and the rest of the american fans were over joyed and enthusiastic about real Devil May Cry.

It seems to be a case where they weer all worried and stressed out about whether or not western fans still cared about Devil May Cry after Capcom "betrayed" them with a piece of trash like DmC. Since in Japan, once you piss off core fans, they never let it go. (Such as when nerds feel their "idols" betrayed them being seen with a male human, those kind of stories)

*For those who don't know, Reuben Landon is Dante from Devil May Cry. Not just the voice and motion capture actor, but literally who the Dante persona ever since 3 was based off of. When it came for the characters acting direction in 3, there really wasn't anything to go off of because the game had no actual Japanese dub, so the staff basically said "fuck it" and just let him do whatever he wants, which fans loved. A lot of Dante's dialogue in 4 was actually just add libbed and Rueben made it up in the middle of the recording session, such as the infamous "SATISFIED!" scene when he gets the needle weapon. This is why Toshiyuki Morikawa's anime Dante is entirely different and more like DMC1/2 Dante only with more ice cream and loli's.

Also a random Japanese fan decided to translate the recent Famitsu interview and clear a few things up for western fans.
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... okay I chuckled.
(06-18-2018, 02:42 PM)Shear Wrote: ... okay I chuckled.

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It's official, March 8th is the release date.


You can hear Vergil "Hmph" at the end.
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