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Devil May Cry 5
I'm hoping this doesn't mean they do the "Go through the game backwards but now with Red Guy" thing they pulled with DMC4.
Most likely not. They know how much people hated that and that it was the biggest complaint from both fans and reviewers.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Maybe they make fun of it Smile "Let's see I could go through that Huge Evil Cathedral Nero just came out of ... or I could go THAT way. Yeah that's better"
So in the end this and some other leaked things turned out to be true, which means
[Image: 6SwaULC.jpg]

-Vergil is 100% playable

-The reason the game, it's character designs, and everything else looks so different is because it uses the RE7 engine

-The documant flat out calls this the "Final chapter".

-The V in the title card itself is also a nod to Vergil, not just a 5 as the 5 is already in the title as well as a number
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
"Final Chapter" except if the game sells well, then suddenly "oh it wasn't the end after all Big Grin"
Curious to see if Nero will get a full Devil Trigger rather than the Jojo style Stand from 4. He's got Sparda blood in him.
My only problem with the female supporting character is her smoking, which is a filthy and disgusting habit. Considering that Nero and Dante have different faces from their DMC4 designs, I'm hoping that she's not Kyrie.

(06-11-2018, 08:20 AM)yazi Wrote: Nero was heavily hinted to be Vergil's son, but apparently various side materials confirm that he is Vergil's son, explains why he can use Vergil's Sword Yamato too.

Capcom confirmed in a Devil May Cry art book that Vergil is Nero's father.
Yeah, that was the side material I was thinking about. This game will likely shed more light on that. Given that Dante and Virgil are human/demon hybrids they age slower than humans I think. So its plausible for Vergil to have Nero between Devil May Cry 3 and 4.
(06-11-2018, 09:29 AM)Kicksville Wrote: Glad that despite two backlash inducing alternate original Dante takes at previous E3s (not even counting the other one!), they had the confidence to give him full hobo face.

One of Dante's concept designs for DMC4 has facial hair.
He was born 10 years before before DMC3. The Devil May Cry 4 SE has additional scenes with Vergil visiting the Island of Spardaland or whatever it's called where DMC4 took place, because he was interested on what this island that worshiped his father was really up to.

And also teases a random woman who notices Vergil and while nothing major, is generally assumed to be Nero's mother. (Albeit this woman was lazily inserted and looks like they just reused Kyrie's model wearing a hood).

In DMC4 Dante is 29, and Nero is 19. And it takes place 10 years after DMC3, we know this because they've said that Lady has aged 10 years since DMC3 and other side materials.

As far as we've seen, Nero and Dante grow at normal human rates. Vergil's aging at least might ahve been stunted due to his circumstances. But even then in the key visual he looks like an old hobo. If they did it would make things like having relationships pretty hard, and we know Nero and Kyrie are still together.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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