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Has anyone had errors today?
The game loads and lets me get the daily item but then it just reloads endlessly (-1). Is that just me or it happens from time to time?
Working fine with me.
The only error I got is when I tried to login from another device, as it won't let me. ^^
well, damn, i really dont know what the problem is. I can't even log in standing next to the wifi router. I guess I will turn on and off my phone.

has anyone had this come up? I still can't fix it.
Does it work now?
Yeah, it does. Thanks. Well, at least now I get the reason for it. I checked that page from my phone but I should have done so from my computer, where I can translate it. I figured it was some mainteinance thing so I thought it would affect other people. Well; mistery solved.

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