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Cross Ange Unit with Omega Hissatsu?
Has there been one like that? The song move would look badass. I really liked the MC having the same voice as Ann from Persona 5. Or has there been a taiki from that anime? I just know regular SSRs and SRs.
The first taiki from Cross Ange that was released in this game is Ange, 1 month ago in the event where we got Hilda. They haven't released an Omega unit from this show yet.
well damn, I dont remember that. I only got the Hilda unit. but back then i didnt even know what the anime was so I wouldnt have used crystals on it.
yes we have currently 3 Ange units one of them being limited to xmas Attacker Ange, Defender and the Taiki one is the Shooter with the Michael mode.

we have two Salakos as well, Fighter and Shooter and Hilda

the next unit of the show will probably be Salia or Taiki Salako
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I really only want an Ange Omega. The song move is really cool and I like seiyuu's voice as well.

Salako is alright but I mostly want Ange.
I like both of them but i go with salako because she is waifu

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