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Beginner Orders Translation
^something about seishins. you should try changing one of your character's seishin.
It is the change your unit hissatsu and seishin.
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Hey guys, I've just been playing for a few days now and I'm stuck at the "Buy a ship" order.
Not sure if blind or generally dumb. It takes me to the M Trader, but the only options there regarding Ships are the upgrades with the colored blocks.
I did get a new ship from a story mission before, maybe I was supposed to do that after I got the Beginner Order?
You can sell it then buy it back.
Ok, nevermind. Now I know I'm just dumb. I had to buy the ship that I got from a mission with the colored blocks. I thought it was both just upgrades.

Thank you!
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Which one is this one?
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Change your profile. It is on the fourth tab on Community option (the one where you manage friendlist).
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