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E3 2018
Ehh, and before that, they were The Armored Core Guys. For my money any given Souls game is better than any AC ever was, so I can live with that.

But hey, we're finally getting Metal Wolf Chaos probably?
Yeah, i heard that.
Actually i came to post that, hopefully it get a good port (not like that Ninja Blade game) and give us the Otogi games next.
Man, you know what, port everything to PC please.

And thats not true @kicksville, they used to experimented with almost every genre and released relatively good games, of course Armored Core was their main franchise but Kuon, Shadow Abyss, KingsField (these last 2 got married and the Soul series was born), Echo Night, the Yoshitsune games.... and many more.

They also made the Tenchu games for sometimes ( i didn't like their Tenchu games btw but a lot of people like them) whats the story behind this? what happened between them, Sony and Acquire?

And lets not forget our favorite genre, Who don'rt lie the ACE games.
Whatever they are doing, we had a good run.
Ducking battle toads. We are literally in the era where they can't come up with anything good anymore so all they can do is revive the dead.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Wow this E3 its being very weird, just revive spells on everything, wonder what franchise started it

while we are at it can you revive Valkyrie Profile E3? thanks
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

They probably need a few more levels in Necrodeveloper first, I guess this E3 is part of the grind :p
Phoenix Down, Phoenix downs everywhere.
Tales of Phantasia
Phantasy Star
Ryu GA Gotoku Isshin
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Some of those where practically bones, Phoenix Downs just don't cut it in that case. That was actual honest to good dark sorcery Big Grin

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
See?! Dark Sorcery.

Also Bethesda went to town
Just the usual "it so early in development it barely exists yet" trailer but it's something.
I'm happy for more Wolfenstein, Young Blood is a sequel to New Order and New Colossus. Main characters seem to be the daughters of the protagonist of those games. New Order and New Colossus were good because they focused on the single player gameplay and the story, unlike majority of FPS games on the market. Fun to play too with the various weapons and stealth/cover approach too.

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