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Cake Honoka Event: the girl who leapt through life
Yeah Nami is a good one. I want her as well.

Anyway, got a single Honoka copy from stage 31. Maybe I'll spend 1000 points to buy another copy.
One of my green tickets got the guaranteed unit. I’ve not had that happen before, it’s rather silly.
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You can max out Honoka by spending your chips on the copies of her in the chip shop, I think by the time you have 150k points you have enough chips to buy the last 2(If you skip the green tickets). If you want the green tickets then you can get to 250k points and get 1 copy of her. Also, we can still buy 30 AP potions, so you can still use some. I've only used 2 so far, but considering that the FOE event doesn't use any potions, you can spend about 10 in each of the other events.
I've been using my natural AP(plus potions on great fever), so I have 250k points. It seems like I can't get to 400k points without potions since I don't have Takane, so I'll probably buy the last copy of Honoka. If next moth is the same I'll take it easier, tomorrow morning I should be done with the event if I buy the 5th Honoka(need 2 more green tickets from the stages), so I'll have 2-3 days extra.

That's pretty lucky.
Finished the event, got Honoka to max, i'm sorry for not translating the story as usual i'm having a terrible week pretty busy full of things to do, things to solve, this country is about to explode and Mai has lots of things to do everyday

i will say something silly....being a grow up woman sucks sometimes
Its never too late to start loving again

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(05-24-2018, 05:31 AM)Mai Wrote:  this country is about to explode

AT this point I'm thinking which country isn't about to explode yet
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You don't need to apologize it's not like you have to do it.
Hang in there, Mai.
I only managed to get Honoka to 75 before the event changed. Oh well.
(05-24-2018, 05:31 AM)Mai Wrote:  this country is about to explode

Disney is trying to take over mine, then just bought a billion dollar cricket pitch.
The entire country is now forced to call it the Marvel Stadium.
I am scared.

You can translate the story later, we can wait.

(05-24-2018, 10:06 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: I only managed to get Honoka to 75 before the event changed. Oh well.

You did better than me, I only managed to get Honoka to 60.
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Pushed both of my accounts to get them Honokas to level 80. She is good enough for event reward to defeat Taiki Attacker Lancelot Albion.
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