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Cake Honoka Event: the girl who leapt through life
Updated with all the new units Smile
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

Ok, I'm skipping the event units, but getting Honoka.
Looks like the V2AB again, not just the V2. Definitely at least the Buster.
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i think that the V2AB will the the 30 OMG unit call me crazy

we need a normal version of that unit to limit break the Taiki V2AB, that might be it, we also didn't got a Taiki Dix Neuf yet so that's probably it i would have made it a fighter and not a Blaster...... i think that Nono would made more sense as a blaster

i have only 50 OMG, used too many of them on the Cross Ange event
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

Ravana is the 30 OMG unit..

Meh, will have to manage with the free SR Turn X and Wygar for this event >_>
Dumping. Feel free for corrections.

∀ Gundam Ω (Defender)
Turn Type
Normal: Immune to status effects and knock-back.
Arena: Immune to status effects and action gauge reduction.

Person who confronts the history of battle
Normal: Always recovery HP.
Arena: At start of turn, recover 50% of HP and acquire 2 defender cores.

A symbol of black history
Normal: If HP is 1/2 and above. Gain a bonus in attack, evasion (L), armor, critical (L).
Arena: Gain bonus in hit-rate and evasion by 100%, increase action gauge speed by 1000. Start with additional 15000 HP.

Normal: At beginning of battle, start with 3 defender cores.
Arena: Start with 2 defender cores at beginning of battle.

EX Ability (arena)
Strengthen Block Rate Lv. 2
Gain 100% bonus in guard and 30% damage reduction.

Turn X (Attacker)
Normal: Normal attacks can ignore guard.
Arena: Gain bonus in hit-rate and evasion by 150%, block rate by 100%, 25% damage reduction. Increase action gauge speed by 1200.

Battle God Ghingham
Normal: Always recovery HP.
Arena: For each successful evasion. Gain bonus in attack, hit-rate by 50%. Increase action gauge speed by 500.

Awakened Battle Instinct
Normal: For every foe shotdown, gain bonus in attack, evasion, crit rate.
Arena: For each successful block, recover 50% of HP and weakness. Acquire 2 rainbow cores.

∀ 's Brother Unit
Normal: At beginning of battle, start with 3 attacker cores.
Arena: If HP is 1/2 or more, up to 3 times can withstand fatal damage with remaining HP 10%.

EX Ability (arena)
Immovable Lv.3
Immune to status effects and action gauge reduction.

V2 Assault Buster Gundam (Shooter)
Assault Parts
Normal: Gain bonus in attack, evasion (L) and hit-rate.
Arena: Gain bonus in attack and critical damage by 30%, hit-rate and evasion by 150%. Increase action gauge speed by 1300.

Buster Parts
Normal: Attacks can pierce barriers and pass through foes.
Arena: Normal attacks can ignore guard and after-image.

Minovsky Drive
Normal: Chance to trigger after-image (M).
Arena: If HP is 1/2 or more, avoid enemy attacks by 100%.

Mother's Gundam
Normal: Hit the enemy once, gain a bonus in attack and hit-rate.
Arena: Enables Attack Again skill.

EX Ability (arena)
Assistive Attack (All Types) Lv.3
Perform a support attack against a unit attacked by an ally adjacent to you.

Dix-Neuf (Blaster)
Exotic Maneuver
Normal: Attack up, armor up (L).
Arena: Gain bonus in attack by 50%, hit-rate by 150%, increase action gauge speed by 1200 and gain damage reduction by 30%.

Buster Shield Lv. 3
Normal: Damage reduction against all attribute types (L).
Arena: Gain armor that reduces critical damage received by 90%.

Earned Combat Experience
Normal: Attacks gain barrier pierce. After barrier pierce, gain bonus in attack (L).
Arena: Block rate bonus by 100%, gain damage reduction by 30%. Start with additional 10000 HP.

Princess of Fraternity
Normal: Gain bonus in attack and armor (L) for each surviving unit deployed.
Arena: For each successful block, recover 30% of HP and weakness. Acquire 2 rainbow cores.

EX Ability (arena)
Immovable Lv.3
Immune to status effects and action gauge reduction.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
(05-17-2018, 04:01 PM)Sagara Sousuke Wrote: ∀ 's Brother Unit

X-O Friend ID:  186471287
Hey its a Space Cake events, everyone like space cake events, no gacha this time i won't be using the step up aiming at 1 unit and i already have a copy of Takane.


~~~ Space ~~~

The Space Cake squad is on the space after recovering more parts and doing their stuff,Akiha scolds Leopard and as usual they go on bashing each other, think is stuff is dispreading around the colony on this case its mostly mirrors from Leopard as a police woman Itsuki have to investigate what's happening, but its hard for her to do it alone, the Cake Police got official help in the form of L'arc

L'arc think that this is a nice opportunity to show what she is made off, and Itsuki welcome her help, of course Itsuki also asked help from her close friends, Akiha and Honoka as for the colony Leopard.

Suddenly Honoka tell everyone that something is coming and a crossgate opens and you see a bizarre looking colony its one of Leopard's brothers apparently, they are in some sort of family feud, the white colony thinks that Leopard is the black sheep of their family and even if Leopard does nothing but mess around with the girls nowadays

in fact there's someone else inside the white colony that's willing to take more of Leopard mirrors and also Aleida, seeing Aleida.. Honoka prepares her serious face to a fight.

Itsuki warns everyone to get prepared to engage, Honoka is not really felling confident about this.
[Image: GiQtHGW.png]

you fight off black QT arms that Benkei sends (its the white colony name), he shouts Leopard that its over, both of them engage.

on another place of the field Aleida is fighting the others, and Itsuki brings her mask on, then she decides to show her face for the first time.

[Image: DzlAdwV.png]
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

~~ Outer Space ~~

Seeing Aleida's face Honoka calls her the girl who leap trough space, the same thing that she uses to call Akiha all the time, with causes Itsuki asking who is she, Aleida however is called back and retreats.

Akiha and Leopard are still engaged with Benkei, inside Leopard Akiha shoots the Canon, however it don't work causing Leopard to go trough his jokes, and Benkei to call him stupid and laugh at him, he fells ashamed that his great cannon failed, suddenly..

Gym -- this energy.. this was the energy that will aliment the turn X!
Itsuki -- who is this? its not on ICP database

Gym is not alone he is accompanied of course by his cronie, and now a third party is here..

~~ Inside Leopard ~~

Akiha is wondering what goes out there when a familiar voice reaches to her, and its Nami with a pretty weird outfit to.

[Image: N7orWh3.png]

~~ Outer Space ~~

Turn X and his troops battle Itsuki, L"arc and Honoka, after the clash he retreats and L'arc have a bad feeling about it

suddenly Leopard begins malfunctioning...

~~ Inside Leopard ~~

Akiha ask her sister what she is doing here, she tells her that she knew everything that she been doing as of late with Leopard and she don't like it, so she came to screw things up, they fight but Nami is too strong for Akiha, Nami shoots at Akiha and her mascot dool thing protect her RIP MASCOT DOOL

she also shoots Akiha afterwards.

Akiha now is losing conscious as she falls from the cannon shooting place.

~~ Outer Space ~~

Benkei Shoots Leopard that goes off as if things can't get worse begins falling on Earth, and if as they don't have enough problems yet, Nami got Akiha out of star Sylph and goes off with her , but there's no time to rest, Itsuki and L'arc have to do something about the colony falling and it have to be now!

jokes apart, with help of Itsuki mascot they calculate the colony drop, L'arc prevents Leopard from falling but all of them clash on Earth.

[Image: USjpmM0.png]

the girls awake and get out of their mechs to find out that they are on some sort of rural area, somehow things worked out, they are not quite sure if Leopard could evade, or something happened, but they hope that he is ok, the attacks sure hit them hard last time.

now not only Leopard is missing, but also Akiha, there's also the trouble with Nami and Alleida, but when all look lost...

L'arc hear footsteps and

Loran -- L'arc san?...
L'arc -- Loran is that you?

~~ Outer Space ~~

Space Ninja arrives!!!

of course someone has to do something awesome on this event before Turn A, so space ninja time, she alone faces Benkei, but not only Benkei she also faces the Turn X.

after fighting Takane Gym have his fun but she is no match for him, ( worth to notice that this is the first time on X Omega that Takane loses a duel) however another weirdo appear before Takane and Gym and she uses the opportunity to escape.

Gym and Alleida meets at the great villain meeting and stuff they have Akiha with them, and they plan nasty things :O

latter Akiha awakes on a place that looks like a cafe Alleida appears before Akiha again this time without her armor, she calls herself Kagura, Shishidou Kagura
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

I want Nami taiki.

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