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White Steel X: The Out of Gunvolt
Basically a spin off sequel to Armed Blue Gunvolt series starring Acura/NotZero for the Switch.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
@Top Nep: How is this series? i haven't played anything Megaman since MMZ4 (i know they are made by the same people but and Mighty Number 8 too or was it 9 lol)
Did you play them all?
Unfortunately because the 3DS was region locked I never go the chance. Buy a bunch of friends at the guild have and all said they're all really fun, and a good spiritual successor to the Rockman ZERO games, unlick Mighty Number Nine (Which was made by comcept) which was always just trying to be a bootleg Rockman.

And while the original Armed Blue did get a US release, it was god awful because it entirely removed ALL story content, dialogue, etc from the English version. And their reponse was "We did it because it would be impossible to translate". Which was beyond stupid.

Another friend who played the 2nd that had a DLC chapter to play as Acura (Gunvolts rival and now this games protagonist) said he was great to play as, and good for speed running shenanigans.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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