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NHK Reveals Full Results of Ultimate Gundam Poll
Here we go. I'll, uhhh, try to be good and spoiler tag all my stuff, even if it's a bit late now.


Spoiler Show
dying line about going forward or whatever.

Search that and you get all the memes.

This is where I'm getting the info from.


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[Image: AkW0Of9.jpg]

Obviously there's the silliness of the pose (I hadn't realized how much it looks like he's standing in front of a brick wall), but I do wonder if there's something about what he's saying that is extra amusing for some reason.

There is also this. "Raise your flag" indeed.

Spoiler Show

What's amusing is that despite the total votes being 1.8 million people, The Orga meme still can in on top.

In fact, Orga's meme actually won him the #1 spot. They had to release a second version of the poll that combined characters with their selves from other series. (MSG Char, Quatro, CCA Char etc)
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So what does this prove, that people can't tell the difference between a meme and the real thing?
~ Qubeley
~ Haman
~ Char

ok till now...

~ 36. trust you by Ito Yuna (Gundam 00 Season 2 2nd Ending)

[Image: Vi5wRYT.gif]

there should be a limit to bad taste!!!
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

The characters in both Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try felt very bland and forgettable to me, in both design and personality. Now the Gunpla on the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing as secrets for either SRW or G-Generation. (and don't even get me started about the Cosmic Era Gundam shows and books...)
(05-08-2018, 11:55 PM)DragoEnovy09 Wrote: So what does this prove, that people can't tell the difference between a meme and the real thing?

No, that a simple meme, especially one that's explodes into a sensation among the fan base can unite a fan base and grow beyond anything imaginable.

Hell, it can even change the production of a show. One good example is Code Geass. One of it's most popular character, Orange-Kun/Jeremiah/LOYALTY, was ever even supposed to make it passed the halfway mark. Okouchi/the main writing staff flat out said over a decade ago after S1 that he was originally going to die at Narita following the battle with Kallen and Gurren.

But the Orange meme got so massive over the internet that Okouchi and crew couldn't dare being themselves to kill him off so they saved him at the last seconds. (It's why he had no materials until the final battle since nothing existed for him at the time). They even gave him the grand ending to the meme by having him retire working on an orange farm with his loli waifu he saved.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
His legend lives on!
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Did someone make him with character creator, or was it from a collab?
Character creator. PSO2 has such a massive amount of cloting, hair and fashiona accessories that you can make pretty much anyne. Especially casts pieces.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
That's pretty cool. I like the Dendrobium.

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