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How do boss battles work?
I see that when I cant beat in one go the boss, my friends may fight it for me and do damage to it or just finish it off. And I have also done so and I get 1500 coins for it. but, is that good? is it always good that someone finishes the boss for you? doesnt that have any repercutions?
There's 3 types of FOE"s

~ the normal boss, that appear everytime you beat something during the event:

you have to beat him for a reward, beating him 110 times reward you a level 80 SSR Hilda, however you will get numerous others rewards along the way and that can include more copies of Hilda so you can 80 her before 110.

you beat the bosses of other players to get their treasure boxes, as well as coins, joining 10000 coins get you enough to buy a rainbow coin so you can get a SSR unit/xps or hisatsu upgrade material on the event gacha.

~ The stronger FOE

this one has a rare chance to appear, its several times stronger than the normal one, and also give you far better reward, giving you 10k coins among other stuff for beating it, to beat this boss numerous players squads have to attack him at the same time or you simple don't do enough dmg normally, of course it is possible to beat him by yourself if you have lvl 80 Taiki event units, otherwise you need help people help because they also get treasure for it.

~ the secret FOE

This is tough, its very hard to beat, and it gives pretty good rewards if down, its very very rare to appear so when it does appear people will attack him no meter what.

the ideal is that you finish your own bosses to get your own loot, however sometimes you have to economize BP, and just want to get to 110 fast enough so you won't care for the random loot, and just for the guaranteed ones, so that's why people let the bosses for others to finish, and finishing other people bosses gives you rewards as i said already Smile
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but, if people beat it for me, nothing happens?
no, you get your loot for beating it normally Smile, and if its one of the two secret bosses everyone that participated on the battle get the same loot

i got a unit like that, there was a secret boss with tons of HP left i joined with my mechs and helped them take it down, we all got 10k coins that i used to buy the rainbow coin, used on the event gacha and got a unit
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

ah, thanks. I thought it would get divided or something.
^To be more precise, if you beat the FOE yourself, you get a box drop and the normal reward for beating it. If you let other people beat it, THEY get the box drop. You only get the normal reward.
On the other hand, if you beat the other people's FOE, you get their drop box, provided you use 1 BP to beat them.
ahhhhh i see. this is what i thought would happen, thanks.

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