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Hilda Event: A Girl and Mercy, the great Hilda debut event.
I am really enoying the story.
This is doing 00, Dunbine and Cross Ange better than what X did with them.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Event sucks for me, not gonna get any SSR.
X-O Friend ID: 180957233
^Clearing 35 Foes will net you one SSR Hilda, tho.
~~~ Arzenal Jail ~~~

Cham's is scolding Neena because of her attitude earlier, now they're stuck on this place, Ersha returns to see Neena that she calls "Neenachan",  Ersha warns Neena that she would't want to stay in Arzenal too much time, much less on their Cells, its not pretty, that makes Neena worried as Cham tells her that it will be ok she is sure that Ange and Hilda are nice people and will accept them, when it looks like its finally going to work.. Neena burst on rage on Ersha saying that she its not that idiot, she is Neena Trinity she is not a Norma or some scum like the rest of them won't bow to their rules or to the Dragons.

She goes on and get even crazier and offend Cham, saying that she was using her all along, she don't really care for Cham or for anyone else for that meter, and that lets Cham mad, but not because of Neena offenses, but because Cham notices that Neena is trying to get herself alone and miserable for some reason, she says that Neena is really a big idiot and won't accept any of that while she is here, Neena gets no answers for that

Ersha goes on saying that be it dragons or spacenoids, here on Arzenal that don't meters, when the whole places shakes 

[Image: k0KdQ14.png]

Hilda Opens a coom with Ersha, saying that Saila Squad is here, they are engaged outside, now Neena has a option of what she want to do, as her Cell is open, and Neena is ready to go there and explode someone.

outside Ange is engaged with Saila, that wonders why Ersha left them, them Neena arrives and announce herself arriving with that usual fake smile that she uses, Ange gets surprised on the help.

the suddenly 360 rotation on Neena personality to annoying bitch to happy energetic girl, makes Ange go "WTF happens on her head?" 

Saila retreats defeated this time, she was outnumbered and report to Embryo, Embryo its not mad at her, she found Neena and Ange after all, he embraces Saila and those scenes are not for us to see.

~~~~ Arzsenal graveyeard ~~~~

Its raining a lot and Cham is looking all over the place she ask what is this place, she and Neena, finds Hilda that explain that this is where their sisters rest.

Hilda say to Neena that be it dragons or spacenoids, monsters or outside invaders, this is where they all ended for a lot of time, and this was the place that it all began for Ange as well, Neena get shocked seeing that huge number of Normas that died here, their friends.

Neena remembers her brothers she was not the only one that lost something important,Ange goes on saying that all those people that rest here lost something important and lost their lives, as Neena finally sees the place and hearing Ange and Hilda story she regrets what she said to them.

[Image: tLoXs8p.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

~~ Arzenal Cafeteria ~~

Tusk seems worried and Momoka finds him (Ange's maid) asking why he seems down, he is of course thinking about Ange, she appears herself saying that its better if he is not thinking of going out and let the place on shambles he is not that good piloting and its better if he stays, he just accepts her girlfriend commands as Neena watches for one of the tables, together with Vivi, that ask if she knows Tusk, she says  that meted him not too many days ago he is not exactly her type despite being cute, as Hilda enters the discussion, and end up saying that for her.. her type is probably Ange.. Neena already knew, as Salako puts on Ange is Hilda's prince after all, and everyone bullys Hilda a little that end up telling her friends to shut up.

Neena puts up that its good to talk this sort of idiot chat sometimes, but not everything is solved..Cham is still missing Chou and Neena has that promise to make happen.

The alarm suddenly raises and is Saila again, not alone all Embryo's squad is here, they want Neena back, Sara ask her to get back, Neena its not having any of it getting beaten Sara and Saila retreats.

Ersha is sad at Saila decision as she  and Crhis are the only ones on Embryo's side now, when Arzenal forces are about to retreat, Ange picks a signal.... is Chris, she finally found Neena

Chris -- "Neena..." 
Hilda -- "Chris"

Chris approaches Neena, as the characters are thinking that she will rejoin, however...

Chris -- "Lord Embryo wants you dead!!"

Chou appears and deflects Chris attack, Cham is very happy to see him again, it happened that Tusk knew about Chou all this time, they where making contact every now and them, and its not the only surprise for today, as things are looking bad for Chris Embryo himself appears.

and Embryo had not enough of Neena yet, not while she is alive, she can do more..., he makes her dead brothers appears before her. (and i was making Zombie jokes on Neena before the event started)

[Image: a9PCows.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Alright, Shou is here.
So... everything is part of Embryo world?
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
I think we will know now


Johan and Michael call Neena's name, Cham and Shou warns Neena that this is fake her brothers are dead, she knows it, but even them, Shou ask Embryo why he needed Cham's Aura power, and he says that it was needed to amplify his objective, on a summary Embryo's wants to live forever and forge the world as he see fits, this is his word that they are seeing, Ange them claim that his world suck, Neena them shouts to him to return her brothers, Embryo laugh and kills them again as Neena advances toward Embryo and Michael advances toward Neena and they clash.

Ange warns Neena that its all Embryo's creation, nothing of this is real, and she says that she knows! but that don't help her, the fake Michael keep hitting Neena's Gundam as she can't fight her brother, Hilda lose her patience and say that if she won't do it, Hilda herself will, them Ange ask Neena that her brothers are just that to her, she knows that its not real, Neena tells Ange that she will never understand how it is for her, but eventually Neena shots down the fake Throne Gundams and only Embryo remains.


Support Coins:

Johan Trinity - 50% or more HP = Large Dodge up
[Image: AL59Q7E.png]
Chris - Armor up
[Image: jOa5xFC.png]

HARO - Large attack up when equipped on Neena
[Image: Woub0Ft.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Neena had to see both of her brothers being killed again, even if it was a illusion or a fake created by this world that Embryo controls as he sees fit, it hurts her, Embryos mocks her, and she screams enraged, both Ange and Salako are attacking with her this time.

After they clash Hilda unit is hit, no meter how much they destroy Embryo's machine it always come back, them Ange flies toward it and they clash a attack, sense danger Embryo retreats and Sara and Saila get on the way to protect him and a little after they also retreat from the battle.


Its all over now, from the Beach the group joins up with Tusk as Neena cries her brothers and Tusk says that he fells sorry that he can't pilot, Ersha tries to console Neena, but its not going well, hearing her lament for so long makes Ange goes on and do what she does when she herself is lamenting she sings.

Salako joins in and Shou senses something on that song, Tusk explains that he heard Ange singing that a couple of times.

Neena keep on lamenting all that happened to her.

[Image: x2VF0If.png]

~~ Arzenal Cafeteria ~~

Hilda,Ange and Shou are chatting, when Shou explains to Ange that during that battle she used a new technique and they call it Michael Mode, its somewhat similar to what he does with the aura powers.

Neena finally recovers from her dumping and meet the others, and finally Neena end up joining Ange Crew

[Image: GvjtT2S.png]


Your Final Reward:

[Image: gnhHrkX.png]

Unit: Theodora
Pilot: Hildegard Schlievogt Aka the great Hilda
Type: Attacker

Theodora is single target unit with a high damage output mech, its attack status can reach Taiki levels if you combo it with her 3rd ability the problem is that, like all Ragna Mails, Theodora has no armor, its one of the lower armor of the game, its a huge pay off, so you have to manual dodge when playing Hilda, its not really hard since she moves really fast, i recommend everyone getting a copy since she is a unit that is usable on all modes as you will see soon, of course she needs setup.

strange status aside... Hilda has the seishin love that helps her dmg doing stuff


Medium dmg to 1 enemy in Range (use 3 cores)


Crt + 50% , 90% x 4 ignore block dmg and raise her speed by 800 for the next turn

so you can basically spam this thing.


Feelings Toward Ange:

Attack up / Dodge Up


Crt dmg + 50, dodge and block + 100%. speed + 100

Mech received from a friend: (theodora was actually Chris Machine)

Grealy raise evasion and mobility on the enemy area


If hp its more than 50% can survive a fatal blow with 10% hp

Red-haired assault soldier:

Every time Hilda lands a hit it increase her attack and dodge, it goes up to possibly +65%


each turn restore 50% of the unit hp

Michael Mode:

Pierce barriers, and after the barriers are pierced does extra large dmg


Everytime Theodora lands a attack its attack power and speed raises by 10% and 100 respectively, i'm not sure by how much this stacks, i suppose it does have a limit will test latter.

Theodora is a pretty solid unit for all game modes, grab one you won't regret it, in fact Hilda is better than many gacha units and even than some Taiki units, since she is fast as you can see however she will have problems hitting things that have high dodge, since none of her abilities raises Aim, and since she has a ability that raises her dodge she can't get Marida's or Excellen buufs that increase Aim.

so don't deploy her vs units that dodge a lot otherwise she will have a good time on field.


and that's it.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

This event was the best. Thanks for translating it Mai.
Wow, SSR Hilda drop from Foe.

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