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Hilda Event: A Girl and Mercy, the great Hilda debut event.
Jesus fuck this event is throwing Taikis at me like it’s a bargain sale. Where the hell did this absurd luck come from?
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Its another day on Embryo's palace and Neena wake on her room, of course all the rooms of the womans of this place are also Embryo's rooms, she didn't really enjoyed her night or her new job, taking care of Cham.

"Does she thing i'm some sort of idiot? a baby-sister now? what its even this thing?"

She goes on, in a rampage of insults like she is trying to discount all her frustration on the fairy, mad because Cham didn't awser her Neena goes near her to threaten her and Cham says that she just wants to go home, before Neena getting even more mad Saila arrives asking what is happening

this swaps Neena immediately from her true personality to her fake "happy go lucky girl" one, Saila of course already saw her true self and just gives her a serious look and silence, Saila them awser that she already know of what she is made off its better to drop the fake smiles, it won't work wit her, Neena calls her Embryo's bitch and Saila says that if she keeps up like that she will end up not being even that anymore, she can be discarded.

[Image: onQ9ahj.png]

Mad Neena goes out and seek the Dragons to kill, she is accompanied by Sara on this that notices how bad is her humor today, Sara adds that they should work for Lord Embryo, and Neena goes to Happy go lucky mode again, saying that yes of course, she things that all those woman are weird, she begins to hate them all.

They finish the Dragons as Saila announces end of the operations and Neena ask herself what's up with those Dragon creatures? something looks fishy

~~ Embryo's Office ~~

He receives Saila mission's report and he ask how is Neena doing, she goes on saying that the Gundam is very useful for the support and on the missions, however Neena herself is lacking, her personality is very faulty and she lacks don't trust her yet.

Embryo answers that she is already a broken woman they can't fix that, and says that he have a use for her and Sara  as he smiles...

~~ Neena's Room ~~

Neena is trying to extract information from Cham on her own way, she is bad with people and is very aggressive, but she gets Cham to talk that she got separated from Chou, she says that they come from another place, as Neena hears that she fells touched, not on the normal way, she fells angst she remember her brothers and that she is not very different than the Fairy now as Neena tells Cham that she understands her perfectly and ask about the place she comes from...


If you're new and can't hear the theme from the Cross Ange units on this case "El-Ragna X omega ver." as the sound of the weapons are too loud you can go to the settings and make them not as loud.

Support Coins:

Michael Trinity ~ Large attack up on boss wave
[Image: Z02YvRw.png]

HARO ~ Extra Large attack up when equipped on Neena (it has no effect on other units)
[Image: APFm8q1.png]
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Hilda Character Quest Part 1:

On the a cell she remembers being hit by various officers as she tried to escape Arsenal to see her family and Normas don't have more families without a place to go back she laments on her cell what happened as Saila enters and trow a unconscious Ange on the cell with her ,also pretty hurt, she tries to reanimate Ange to no avail
[Image: 22LINio.png]

Back on Neena room is determined to get Cham to Chou, Cham says that she fells now that Chou is alive because she can fell his "aura" (or something) Neena answers that she didn't had that luck with her brothers and maybe Cham also didn't, when Saila enters, Cham is somewhat happy to see Saila that has come to warns Neena that its more Dragons, Neena ask if Saila knows something about this aura stuff, Saila denies and says that she has 10 minutes.

Neena still hates Saila guts, but she now likes Cham, and wants to get her out or at least with her if something goes wrong as she dashes to the Throne Gundam, outside Chris warns the others that a massive swarm is coming and Sara picks a strange signal its not your regular Dragon this time.

Neena them recognizes that as their boss, and its indeed Lizard boss Salako. she is with Ange, Saila fires at Ange and the battle breaks.

Ange says to Saila that she is being used Sayla says that she is now important to Embryo the most important one, Ange say that he don't care for her ass, Sara dashes away with her Mech only to be find on a duel with Hilda that wants Chris back.

Neena is locked with Salako and things are not looking good for her as the Princess of Aura is far more skilled. Salako dashes hits the Throne, Neena screams scared and tries to fight back, but she can't land a single shoot on the Enryugo, Neena them goes nuts, she dashes on the shoots taking various hits as her unit is hit she finally catches Salako as both units explode
[Image: RKr5Ape.png]

seeing that the duel ended Ange stop fighting Saila and looks for the Enryugo not believing in what happened she retreats to rescue her friend, and Saila of course has the option to rescue her squad member, Saila calls Neena name several times trying to awake her to no avail..

unconscious Neena is having a reminiscence about Erika that's saying to her that this place its not her place at all
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I think I'll just grab one Hilda and call it a day.
Well my day off is finishing but luckily i could do a lot of story today.

~~ Neena's Room ~~

After being rescued by Saila Neena awakes on her bed, she is not really feeling great, Cham is happy to see her friend alive and well.

Saila that was taking care of her says that she was too reckless and warns her to not proceed with that fighting style anymore, Neena is now a little confused as she had the impression that Saila also didn't liked her, Cham says that if Neena dies they won't go anywhere so she must live, and stop speeding up her clock.

Them Chris takes up the coom to Saila warning that more Dragons are approaching for another attack, Saila orders Neena to stay in bed, she tries to get up but she is too hurt and dizzy and falls on the bed again, Cham will look over her as Saila goes out to take care of things, however Neena does try again and with some help of Cham she can get up to piloting condition

Saila recalls a conversation she had with Embryo as he reveals to her that the one who killed Neena brothers in fact works for him, as Saila looks at Neena going out.

Chris and Sara try her luck against Salako that its not very happy now, Neena arrives for the round 2 against Salako this time helped by Cham.

after some spark the Enryugo and the others retreats (Ange was not in that battle) as Saila tells Neena that she must tell her something

On the Hangar Salako faces Ange who was against this attack, they exchange smiles and plans the next attack, Ange will come next time they have to finish Embryo and the Dragon killing.

Suddenly on Embryos office the door opens at force and Neena enters.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I think this is the last story part of this event.

~~~~~~ Embryo's Palace ~~~~~~~

Outiside the room Cham call's for Neena that is inside it for some time, Neena faces Embryo and tells him that she knows everything, Saila was the one who told her, that Embryo its the one responsible for her brothers deaths, he tells her that he simple had no use for them, Neena gets ready to go at him, but there's a surprise that was not even Embryo's real body she hits something, and he is suddenly behind her, he grabs her saying that she can't resist him, no one can, when Saila opens a comm

Embryo them remembers Neena saying that Saila was the one that shoot her month to her, but for some reason he leaves Neena be to hear Saila's report, she says that Dragons are coming again, more of them this time they are lead by Ange, Neena figures that Embryo wants Ange, and ask him if its her, he just says for to go out do her job.

[Image: n7eYjU9.png]

Ange shouts out to Embryo's that is finally out to face her, however things don't go as planned for Ange, Embryo's song bothers her, Neena just looks as the battle goes Ange escapes, Embryo them ask if Neena finally understood that they can't stand to him, as she answers that she finally does , she had enough of him and is ready for some blood

she shoots Embryo and hit him, On the distance Ange notices that Embryo forces are fighting among themselves

Cham screams as Neena trowed her out of the Throne Gundam cockpit, Since Neena plans to die taking Embryo with her.

she waste her energy and explodes Embryo's Machine, them she is tired and out of breath, she says to her brothers that now its done, however..., it was not even the real Embryo (this guy is pretty annoying)

he appears again, as Neena don't understand what's going on, she is sure that she killed him, but Embryo says that he can't die here, he decides if he die, them he won't die, he hits Neena Machine that breaks down and fall.

death approaches Neena Trinity body again

Neena -- "so that's how it will be...i'm just a idiot as well, Johan,Michael i'm coming"

but before she dies she is rescued by Setsuna (s1 Setsuna)


and that was it,hope you people enjoyed as much as i enjoyed Smile

it was a nice change of peace...

however i do fell that Chou needed to appear on the event, on the mid way it looked like he would appear for some reason, but them i remembered that the OMEGA units never do appear on the story.

i do liked X-Omega Neena, she begins a jerk but gets better as the story progresses, but Hilda has like one scene awww , but them again even Ange don't have that many scenes and she also don't use the Michael mode of the Vilkyss for anything on this event, it could have gone better, but them i think that they wanted to give Neena 100% attention on the end its her event and her debut.

also nice that they bothered to make their own version of El-Ragna instead of just getting the ones from the console games
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Pretty sure this is in no way the final day of the event. We have another like six days, the plot’s not done yet.
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Thanks Mai.

Yea Mattman, there's 10 story quests in this event.
there's more them? great because i'm enjoying and wow.... the rainbow coin just drooped OO Raiser GN Sword 3
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

As Mattman said the event didn't ended yet, so i will keep going as always i'm sorry for the errors on grammar and stuff.


Unconscious, Neena Trinity mind drives her off... and she recognizes a face..

Neena -- "you're Exia Gundam pilot Setsuna.. Setsuna i reconize you, i'm a idiot i can't do anything without my brothers"

Setsuna shouts to Neena as she suddenly regains conscious and open her eyes to find herself on a island, she is alive, survived again, her rescuer its not Setsuna F.Seiei at all, its a boy that she don't know, its Tusk he shout to her if she is alive and to keep up, Neena can barely breath but she menages to answer wit the strength she has, mumbling something.

that leaves him happy, shortly after Ange arrives, she got Neena from the Ocean, Tusk is good at taking care of injured people, Ange explains to Tusk what's happening, she tells that she fought Embryo, but before she used to fight for him, she was defeated and left do die.

Ange plans to return there latter but for now .. then Neena mumbles her brothers names again while unconscious.

[Image: q4hY6cI.png]

night falls over the battlefield, and the battle is still raging on, Salako forces are fighting Embryo forces, this time Hilda is leading the assault.

Hilda -- appear Saila!

And as Embryo orders Saila does appears to fight Hilda, Saila ask for Chris, and Embryo says that since Neena left her Haro online, he can find it easily and locate it, Chris will be there probably as Saila realizes this she rages.

Saila -- "Neena you're a stupid idiot"

Hilda and Saila clashes, and they're both matching when asked about Chris tough, Saila retreats and finally this third day of the battle is over as Neena finally recovers she is on a cell, and she is with Cham (WTF Ange? lol) Cham is very happy to see that Neena is finally a little more alive, Cham goes on telling Neena to never do something that stupid again, they are friends now and if she disappear she will miss Neena after all.

Ange arrives from the corridors or Arzenal Jail seeing that Neena is up.

Neena gets mad since well Ange is the woman Embryos says its destined to him and bla bla, and she they have that girlish chat "you're embryos bitch", "no u,"no u".

Ange Recognizes Neena as part of celestial being she knows them, Ange give Neena terms to get out of here, if she wishes to get out, she just needs to keep on and fight Embryo with them, Neena however its not easy to persuade, and say that Ange fight alongside Dragons.

Salako them pops out of nowhere, and Neena calls her a freak, her bodyguard would do something but Salako ask her to stop, seeing Neena aggressive responses and hate, Cham gets depressed knowing that this will leave her at a even worst situation as Ange is not really affected by it, since she already saw worse.

Cham try to explain that the dragons are not really evil, and Ange continues saying that they are the evil ones, the dragons did nothing wrong, and Neena is not very smart, she explains it to Neena, however both Ange and Salako quits recruiting her since the talk is reaching nowhere fast, Ange is pretty calm during all this scene tough

when left alone Neena has a sour expression on her face.

[Image: acKQ4gV.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

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