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Sites like Simulation Chamber
Do you guys know of any site like Simulation Chamber?  Here's a description of it from an old version of its boards:

"The Simulation Chambertm or SimChambertm for short, is an online, textual-mathematical RPG that emulates the schematics, elements and essences of the Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation games.

Throughout the RPG, gamers (hereby referred to as "pilots") will get the chance to use their favorite mechs, complimented with their abilities, along with the many loads of Pilot Classes available to make powerful and deadly combinations. In the SimChamber, the possibilites are almost endless.

The SimChamber is a turn-based RPG. In other words, pilots have to wait for others to finish their turns in order to proceed to his. However, some rules are implemented to make sure that the waiting does not affect the fights in a monumental way. In this overview, you will be introduced the many sectors that the SimChamber utilizes, and the many objects that each pilot must learn in order to survive."

It also did a lot of custom made machines for either various canon shows like Gundam F91 or Aura Battler Dunbine or creating a whole new series (the site calls them MechDev Machines).

Here's a link if anybody is curious:
Pretty sure a lot of the old guard here are familiar with the SimChamber.

History, so to speak
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