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Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 possible on PS4 if there's enough demand!

Since we're getting Kiwami 2 (already got 0, Kiwami 1 and 6 on PS4), this will complete the Yakuza collection in one console. Well, except those gaidens like Ishin and Dead Souls.

Now the question is, WHERE DO I DEMAND THEM?
Depends how far Sega wants to go to bring Yakuza 3-5 on PS4, likely be a upscale, I doubt they'll want to remake those games Kiwami style.

I'd love to own them on PS4, but I'm happy having them on PS3. Kenzen... I'm not sure if I really want those 2 games... I'd rather have modern day Yakuza, not weird historical settings.

And of course the Fist of the Yakuza game too that I think is likely to be localized next year. Kiwami 2 I think might be the last Yakuza game to come out this year, unless they announce the Fist game within the next few months for holiday release in November...
Pretty much. While 0 basically saved and revived the franchise in the west, the likely hood of remaking 3-5 is unlikely unless Kiwami 1 and 2 sold massively.

But some impossible miracles like .hack//GU Remaster happened so I won't deny the possibility of anything getting the chance to happen now a days. They should be able to do a quick remake at minimum cost, and just throw in a few new extras like Majima is everywhere mode in every game. Hokuto ga Gotoku will definitely hit the west next year. Wouldn't be surprised if an E3 announcement will be made.

There are....Rumors, along with the release of the new Sega racing game. (Where the ... needed? Nope, but it gives the air of mystery!)

They could also say, remake Of the Dead and the side stories cheaply, just reuse old 0 and Kiwami assets.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Dead Souls almost killed Yakuza series. While I enjoyed the game, one must admit SEGA's stupidity of "Hey, nobody wanted Yakuza: Dead Souls in the west. Yakuza is dead." and refused to bring Yakuza 5 over until Sony took over.

Yeah I'm one of the people who bought Dead Souls hoping they'll localize Yakuza 5. XD

But, since Yakuza 5 comes out at the end of PS3 era, and even got put on Plus, I simply don't have the power to download it to my PS3 since I ain't got enough space / PS3 dying anyway.

Would love to have Yakuza 5 remaster / port in PS4.
Also waiting for that Hokuto ga Gotoku announcement in the west. Hopefully they not disappoint. I doubt it will be titled "Fist of the Yakuza" tho.
Remember Koei Tecmo didn't name Hokuto Musou as Fist of the North Star Warriors?
It could be named "Like a North Star" if they want it literally, or "Fist of the North Star Adventure" or something.
Sometimes I delete install data of older games on my PS3/PS4 for games I'm not gonna be playing anytime soon, especially since I play majority J-RPGs. I can always re-install them at a later date. PS3 wise I still have about 40 GB left and mine is the 250 GB slim model. It still works good and I make sure to dust it off every once in a while. I still have my original launch model fat 60 GB PS3 that is backwards compatible for PS2 as a backup PS2.

I own Dead Souls as well but haven't played much of it since its not that good... but some of the cutscenes are pretty funny, especially the Majima stuff.
^Yeah, Majima's the whole reason why that game is awesome. It's the first in the series where we can finally play as him!
While i really really like Majima and saw his potential ever since the 1st game, i still think that Nishi should have the spotlight in the prequel (have't played 0 yet mind you bu still), ever since that scene from the first game when Kazama remembered his younger/jail days and i thought that a prequel with these 2 would be awesome, most important characters didn't make it by the end of the first game, they really pushed it, while i understand that adding Osaka to the sequel while impressive at the time, it was a necessity, 3 came around the time i almost stopped playing games anymore (Sega did not release that Samurai spin-off back then did't help since i like to play a series by release order, did it ever get a release?) but i still plan to one day continue the series (Shenmue 3 and the remakes will push it way farther though).
Believe it or not, i managed to stay away from heavy spoilers after all these years too.

I'm surprised Sega didn't release them on steam yet, do they have a deal with Sony or something?!
^Nah, Yakuza is strictly PlayStation. There's even that two gaiden games in PSP.
There's no exlusivity deal, but yeah, the chances of them ever hitting another format are pretty low.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Who knows really, look at the Valkarya franchise and Final Fantasy, who would have thought, there i money in Steam, no one can deny that.

@Andy have you tried the PSP games? there was an English patch in the work, have it ever get released.
I remember watching an episode or 2 of the Drama TV series, i remember it was good.

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