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Yahoo + Oath = Data Breach
So when you log in to Yahoo today, you'll have to accept the new terms. A term which is kinda iffy, I might say.

[Image: Da_W87JU8AAejSU?format=jpg]

This is unacceptable, yet you have to accept it, or they'll hold your email hostage.
Seriously now, what to do now?
I use my yahoo email for business too.
Reminds me of when it used to be an issue if Google records and analyze your activity and tamper with your search results accordingly. Nobody cared. Nowadays people don't mind if Alexa or Siri is eavesdropping their privacy. People are too gullible. These companies, they just riding the trend.
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I have no idea. At the moment we can simply "deal with it later" as there's the button next to 'accept'. But who knows how long it will last...

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