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Persona 5
Its more like people are over-reacting to this Sony censorship thing which invited this overbloated SJW discussion on the P5 outfit...

I doubt this outfit is going to be altered... And given that its a topic from a Resetera thread, that's even worse... that place is a hive of stupidity like 4-chan, reddit and gamefaqs...
Some new updates for Persona 5 Royal, new director is same guy who was in charge of Persona 4 Golden, which is very fitting.

New arc will be longer than the new arc from P4 Golden. 30 new song tracks. Bonus from having P5 data, its not carry over data I think...
Correct it's not a carry over, the reason was that they changed a few things I believe but there will be a Bonus of some kind (I assume probably registered Personas and stuff).
I think its pretty safe to say that all the purchased DLC from Persona 5 will also carry over with both outfits and Personas.

Although I wonder if there would be extra bonus for having P3/P5 dancing... Most likely the latter...
Kasumi PV

There will also be a Straight Flush edition that'll go for about 150 bucks that includes a special box with Shigenori Soejima-illustrated artwork
Persona 5 Royal art book
Persona 5 Royal soundtrack (Only the new trackcs it seems)
Phantom Thieves Costumes DLC Set
Velvet Room Costume & BGM Special Set
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Costume & BGM Set
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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