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Persona 5
Wait, is Andromeda female MC only? Didn't know that... but then again, I never bothered to look into anything for Andromeda, I'm content with ME 1-3, 2 especially. Good thing I passed on that game! lol

I'm in September now P5, I'm guessing a bit over halfway? Or near 2/3 in? Still enjoying it.
Andromeda is not female MC only. That said... Bioware has been getting a lot heavier handed with its political preaching. I mean it's one thing to show a clear bias, it's another to turn your games into soap boxes. But I digress.

We're also derailing the thread a bit, so favorite character so far? I'm debating Makoto or Mona. Though, Ryuji is being a reverse Yosuke for me... liked him in the beginning, but he starts to wear at his welcome as time goes on (not that it's gotten so bad that I hate his character, I just feel the need to slap him a couple times).
Ryuji to me is a lot dumber than Yosuke and ends up pulling some pretty dumb shit or causing a lot of avoidable trouble, Yosuke is pretty reliable and sometimes actually thinks about his actions. Ryuji is like a combination of Junpei and Kanji. He is amusing though, but Yosuke had more charm to him and was more friendly too.

I do like how spunky Anne is and she's pretty likable too, she's my favorite female party member. As for the social links, the teacher is one of my favorites so far.
Beat it after 108 hours. Final part of the game felt like I was saying good bye to my PS3, which is technically true since this will probably be the final game I play on it.
I arrived on the boss of the second dungeon and wow he is Hard, but them again i'm playing it on hard mode, looks like its grinding time
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