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Persona 5
Yeah, I get this is a values dissonance thing, but if the protagonist
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assaulted someone in the process of defending a potential rape victim
he'd likely be a local hero around here, not a pariah. Again, I know Japan is different, but yeah not one of the differences I'm not particularly comfortable with. On the flipside, it does make the heroes of the story get way more sympathy for me and way more valid motivation in my eyes.
Nobody knows what he did, just the existence of a Criminal Record... A "high trust" on "Laws" and a corrupt "Judiciary System".
For some reason P5MC's issues feel familiar.

Prolly cause it's a bit commonplace in our country?
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Akira was charged for aggression against someone that was important and corrupt and had all the police on his pocket-watch

pay attention that he was not only charged for this crime, but he was charged also for various other crimes that he didn't do, and also if you pay attention to the scene.

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the rapist goes away protected by the police the victim is with him, and Akira is getting the blame

5 hours here, and all the game is about those situations about when you fell that there's something "off" about the society in general and that its not really your fault that you don't fit right because you can't adapt to things that you don't believe (Ryuiji) or you can't accept the way the world of the adults works and try to struggle against it (Ann)

Overall great game till now
Its never too late to start loving again

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Been playing and enjoying the game so far. Just finished the second palace and about to go on the field trip. Smile
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Persona 5 has gone beyond my expectations and I'm loving some of the new systems in the game, although rather than new, they are elements of other SMT games, like the gun and the system of getting other Personas thru dialogue choices. Although it does seem harder than my 1st playthough of Persona 4... I've beaten the 1st palace as of now.

I like how much more stylish it is too especially in the post battles transitions and other transitions through the maps.
All of Persona 5 summed up in 15 seconds.
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I must be a pretty good guesser, I have a tendency to get personas to join me no later than the second or third attempt. Either that or there is actually a pattern to how certain demons react, and I've been playing too many Shin Megami Tensei games.

I'm willing to bet the good/lucky guesser.
I like how the social links/confident system is much more practical now compared to the previous Persona games. Majority of them have different benefits for both inside and outside of battle. The only similar ones are on the Phantom team characters like battle support and such.
A few friends were commenting on the game at the guild. Glad they properly discussed it because all I've been seeing is pure "OMG GAME IS SO PERFECT AND DOES NOTHING WRONG" sincen the game cane out. (One of them play the original JP one last yearl. Actually a few people on the guild did )

The writing has a lot of faults from what I've heard since Las year.
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