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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
I honestly think I'll get Pilot Rank Up dires (very useful) instead of those units, they all look very very weak (Vanilla H's last ability is nice though), and I don't see myself using any of these.

I'll think about it for 1-2 days, maybe check Udon's review, but unless I missed something huge / special, they have huge issues (weak hissatsus, some can't break barriers / bunshin, slow action power, etc), I'll pass on those.

Maybe Pilot parts buff them up enough to be viable in the current meta (?)

Edit : Indeed, they seem to have a completely new (and powerful) PP ability, called "Angel Corps" that boosts CRT rate by 50%, hit rate / avoidance rate by 100%, action power by 1000. And, prevents action gauge reduction from the enemy while reducing damage received by 40% ... all of that for only 2 skill points ! Meaning you can easily use Protection and Angel Corps for some 80% damage reduction.
(01-17-2019, 06:56 PM)Mercure Wrote: So ... who did you pick guys ? and ... why ? Smile

I ended up going with Lucky Star...I don't know why.
"Return to 'zero'!!"

X-Omega: 108757927
Could the Lucky Star's Luck swaying things in her favor work agaisnt those Sousuke units with 330% dodge? I can get +300% accuracy for a hissatsu but some units are still beyond my reach. Im waiting to collect some more gems.
(01-11-2019, 07:12 PM)Kicksville Wrote: Rando question: What was the dude's mom's name who I guess is bad now or whatever? Kun In'ye isn't right, is it?

Pre-Galaxy Angel news drop question I'm still wondering about, I might as well float one more time.

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