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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
From what I understood about the Sakura wars unit quests, either we get the SSR TLB crystal, the taiki unit or both as a present in our inboxes, that for every sub lvl 70 Sakura wars unit present in the hangar. But google translate is a mess and my Japanese is non-existant...
I have a lvl 75 Maria but also lvl 60 Kohran and Sakura... and next month's LB crystals are all going to Shin getter, not even Kisaragi...
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Unit Quests have no more battles, some missions will be changed after the update and you will not be able to clear them after the update(since they will be different missions.) that don't mean that rewards will disappear you will probably still get them normally as always for Kisaragi and Sakura wars units.


player xps up on story mode


End of the month banner ~ Flowers Blowing on the Battlefield.

- all the SSR units have females pilots.
- 5 units for 20 Omgs.
- using the banner 5 times gives you a guaranteed SSR unit.
- 5% rate of SSR, 050% of Taiki SSR, 4,50% normal SSR, however there's some pretty good normal units.


Solis Girls event banner.

- Bertha unit can inflict slow both units have a lvl 65 locked final skill
- 4 step banner, Bertha or Katarina guaranteed on the last step at the cost of 90 Omgs.


I'm working on my fighter J-Deer he is my second Fighter unit and i recommend that you take out both fighters from the blue chips base, if you have none yet as they can hit numerous enemies at the same time with their normal attacks it might be useful for the repulsion event.
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