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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
What units are you using on your team Hypereia?
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[Image: Ez3u3fK.png]

I should probably just use non-Tai Oogami until I can raise limit on this one; I just need to level and orb it non-Tai version.

-Full Guard on GoShogun, gets rainbow core every time he guards. (Sure hit)
-Life and Crit set bonus on Oogami. (Bonds)
-As much speed as possible on Shinji (I have him at 9k speed after parts now), he actually needs speed/accuracy more than armor. (Flash)
-Speed and Crit on Dragonar-1, have him at 43.5% after parts, plus his Hissatsu has +30% crit hit. (Focus)
-Speed on Venus-A, with her innate action gauge bonus, she's decently quick with a bit over 5k speed. (Trust+)

Venus-A Blaster is very good, will reduce an enemies' armor by 30% for 2 turns, 1 core cost.
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