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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
OMEGA NONO???? NANI???? TOTALLY GOING FOR HER. I'd be fun if KOS-MOS could show up. A man can dream. Xenosaga sort of was an anime.
Dumping. Feel free for corrections.

Buster Machine 7 Ω (Blaster)
Solar System Absolute Defense System
Normal: Immune to status effects and knock-back.
Arena: Gain 100% bonus in critical damage and hit-rate. Increase action gauge speed by 1000.

Physical Reactor Lv.3
Normal: Damage reduction against all attribute types (L).
Arena: Barrier can reduce all attribute type damage by 100%.

Nono-Riri's Shining Singularity
Normal: Activated when enemy is hit 10 times, gain bonus in attack and critical.
Arena: At beginning of battle for 2 turns, gain 1000 action gauge speed bonus.

True Strength
Normal: Attacks gain barrier pierce, can ignore guard and apply knockback to foes.
Arena: If finisher deals a critical, can ignore after-image and active counter-attack skill from foes.

EX Ability (arena)
Self-Repair Lv.5
At beginning of turn, recover HP 70%.

Core Generation (Battle) Lv.2
Start with 2 rainbow cores at beginning of battle.

Tauburn Compartment Ω (Fighter)
The thing reflected in its eyes
Normal: Immune to finisher and spirit command seal. Immune to stun.
Arena: 50% bonus in attack, critical and critical damage. 130% bonus in hit-rate and evasion. Increase action gauge speed by 1300.

Ginga Bishounen, Dancing in the Sky
Normal: Evasion up (L), attack up, critical up (L). Gain bonus evasion (L) for enemy critical attacks.
Arena: When an attack hits, gain 20% bonus in critical damage, hit-rate and evasion. Increase action gauge speed by 200.

Voice of the world
Normal: Attacks gain barrier pierce and can ignore guard.
Arena: Attacks can ignore guard, armor by 100%, 25% damage mitigation and pierce barriers.

The Adventure of Life Continues
Normal: Gain bonus in critical and movement speed for successful dodges.
Arena: At beginning of battle for 1 turn, gain 3000 action gauge speed bonus.

EX Ability (arena)
Negate damage from shooters and blasters / range types.

3 Strike Attack
Gain attack again skill (x2)

Gosaurer (Attacker)
Normal: Attack up, armor up (L).
Arena: 50% bonus in attack, 150% hit-rate bonus. Increase action gauge speed by 800. Start with additional 15000 HP.

Immense Courage
Normal: Guard up (L).
Arena: Immune to status effects, gain 100% guard bonus, gain 30% damage reduction.

Matchless Passion
Normal: If HP is 3/4 and above, gain bonus in attack, armor and critical (L).
Arena: At beginning of turn, gain 20% HP recovery and gain 2 attacker cores.

Children of the Earth
Normal: Normal attacks can ignore guard and recover HP.
Arena: Allies gain 20% bonus in hit-rate and critical damage.

EX Ability (arena)
Gauge Protection EX
Immune to action gauge reduction.

Ryujinmaru (Attacker)
Hero's Sword
Normal: Attack up (L), hit-rate up, gain damage reduction from incoming attacks.
Arena: 80% bonus in hit-rate, 150% bonus in armor, increase action gauge speed by 1000.

Warrior's Clothing
Normal: Allies gain resistance to spirit command seal.
Arena: Immune to burn, blind, spirit command and finisher seal. Immune to action gauge reduction.

Golden Dragon
Normal: Hit the enemy once, gain bonus in attack and critical.
Arena: When an enemy is shotdown, gain 50% bonus in attack, hit-rate and armor. Increase action gauge speed by 500.

Soukaizan's Savior
Normal: Gives barrier pierce to critical attack. After barrier pierce, attack up (L).
Arena: If HP is 1/3 or less, gain 100% bonus in attack and critical damage. Gain 200% bonus in armor and hit-rate.

EX Ability (arena)
Mind Charge Lv.2
Reduce spirit command skill cooldown by 2 turns.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
how good is nono looking with that 70% repair and omega move? I really appreciate it because I didnt have a good blaster, believe it or not.
Honestly, I was gonna roll for Nono, then I looked at her stats and abilities / hissatsu ... she seems really weak.

100% nullifying barrier is worthless when most (if not all) damage dealing units can bypass barriers.
Orpheus' (Oldrin sibling from Code Geass "Oz") taiki unit had that 100% barrier, he never mattered either ... way too easy to bypass nowadays.

70% HP regen doesn't mean much either, unless you got "Toughness" or some special armor to survive huge damage.

In the end, she might be "fine" for part of conquest, and "ok" if you plan on investing HEAVILY in her pilot part skills for arena.

Her Omega hissatsu looks cool -and might be useful for its after-effect, because its damage is kinda weak-, so, roll for her if you have 300 crystals to spare, but honestly, I'm disappointed with that unit, and that's coming from someone that still tries to use Nono taiki shooter fine-tuning her PP skills ...

Maybe she has some synergy with Anemone etc ... didn't check yet ... because no evasion up / pathetic accuracy in a high evasion meta (+100) / no attack bonus / etc ... seems really weird to me
yeah :/ and her v cost doubled for the blaster unit. but she looks SO COOL I had to get her.
Looking cool is 90% of the efficiency Smile Enjoy yourself Smile
I got Omega Nono, but I can't roll for a 2nd one. Sad
I wished they allowed you at least to sacrifice any SSR taiki for it. so you could limit break blaster nono with attacker nono from the fifth base gacha to get the omega move. I dont think its too broken because it only helps some units. doesnt work for quanta or tengen toppa.
Dumping. Feel free for corrections.

Wryneck (Todd Guinness custom) ☆ (Defender)
Thoughts for my hometown
Normal: Critical up, evasion up.
Arena: 100% bonus in hit-rate and evasion. Increase action gauge speed by 1000.

Aura Barrier Lv.3
Normal: Gain damage reduction against ranged types (L).
Arena: Gain 80% damage reduction against ranged types.

Todd's Aura Power
Normal: Chance to trigger after-image (M).
Arena: If HP is 1/2 or above, gain 80% chance to avoid enemy attacks.

The Man who has seen Hell
Normal: When finisher is used, gain bonus in attack, evasion (L) and critical (L).
Arena: At beginning of turn, gain 10% bonus critical damage and 200 action gauge speed bonus.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
I rolled Nonos and 1 Gosaurer. I am happy with Nono but she requires a lot of SSR emerald stone just to open her PP line slot and I severely lack it.
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