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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
Put auto mode. Tap Ange, tap enemies on the left screen rapidly so your friend Taiki Ange will move forward to attack them. There is a good moment on wave 1 and 2 to use her hissatsu so it will shorten your stage clear time immensely and a single hissatsu on boss will most likely destroy one of them immediately for my team setup.
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i really don't understand what are their aim with Summer Itsuki, her stats are low, her mobility is bad, her attack is bad, her skills are outdated -_-
Its never too late to start loving again

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has the soul gain from SRW OG ever shown up? i saw the Alt Eisen Riese and was hoping we could get it someday and hear its theme song.
Soulgain and Aussenseiter are among the units picked by fan on the poll back then. I am sure it will appear later along with Omega Alteisen, Omega SRX or they can appear on seperate month.
Today is the long maintenance day. I hope we will get a leak on next event units and a new unit addition on every base, SP gacha and premium gacha pool.
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Long maintenance means free OMG crystals, right?
what, really?
^ "usually"
wow, what a charming team of developers.
Mazinger Zero kittaa!!! I hope I can get him. What I don't understand is why Oochi doesn't put Shin Mazinger Impact Z-hen in this game before Mazinger Zero come.
We get 10 crystals for maintenance reward.
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I wonder who will pilot the ZERO?

Kaiser Kouji (Mazinkaiser, OG Mazinger Z)
Infinty Kouji (Mazinger Infinity)

In both V and X it was Shin Kouji.

So we are getting a
Shin Kouji (Lol... we will be able to deploy 3 Kouji's on the field)
or Zero Kouji (He has never been in a SRW game before, also 3 Kouji's)

From the banner.. it seems to be either Kaiser or Zero Kouji.
I say it's Kaiser Kouji.
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